Will tea bags save bruises and swelling
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Many get rid of the “panda effect” and swelling in the morning by sticking patches, using mesoscooters, expensive creams and masks. But there is still a category of neophytes who use tea bags in the old fashioned way, and claim that they are in no way inferior to newfangled beauty products. How do tea bags actually work and do they work?

Do tea bags work

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Doctors allow you to use the old method in rare cases, certified tea bags really work, and the main ingredient that helps level problems in the eye area is caffeine. It dilates blood vessels, stimulates the movement of lymph and beds, and, accordingly, erases bruises and bags, removing excess water and congestion.

Which tea to choose

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With certain problems in the eye area, its own type of tea works well. For example, green tea heals faster with edema, if there are bruises, it is better to make a compress from both black and green tea.

From redness in the eye area, tea bags with chamomile or calendula will help.

How to use tea bags

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Experts advise after you brew the bags, let them cool down a bit and then put them in the refrigerator for a while. The so-called cold compress will speed up your transformation, because the cold stimulates the beds even more actively.

In order for tea bags to show a good result, hold them under your eyes for 15, and if possible 30 minutes. Then remove and with tapping movements of your fingers, apply on top of your usual cream (for the eyes, of course).


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