Egor Konchalovsky

Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

Anastasia Grebenkina

Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

On February 23, the premiere of the film “Combat Brotherhood” took place in Moscow. The picture became the culmination of the project “International Round the World March of Veterans, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory».

The guests of the show were war veterans (the eldest of whom is 96 years old), representatives of the presidential administration, the Foreign Ministry, military attachés, as well as star guests: Egor Konchalovsky, Stas Namin, Anastasia Grebenkina, Lada Dance and other celebrities.

The film is based on the stories of three disabled warriors. American soldiers David Lyon, Andre Botrell and Russian Yevgeny Lyapin were blown up by mines in Afghanistan at different times, losing their legs. They survived, learned to walk on prostheses, withstood this cruel test and showed by their example how through deprivation and pain a person comes to an understanding of his destiny.

Lada Lance

Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

Ilya Bachurin

Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

“I have known the Combat Brotherhood movement for more than a year, and every year it is gaining more and more weight. Who but veterans can tell about the war? A lot of time has passed, in society now there are many trends that welcome the war, although 10-20 years ago it would have been unthinkable. Those people who saw the war – veterans – like no one else can tell about our history. If there are already very few veterans of the Great Patriotic War, then the veterans of other wars – Afghanistan, the Caucasian conflicts are still full of strength, and it is they who make decisions now, they largely determine the course of the country and the armed forces, even business. These are people who took place after the war, in peaceful life. The Combat Brotherhood movement is very important, because it is they who will be listened to, and above all by the youth. If young guys see that people who went through the war enjoy great authority, are successful in modern life, then their opinion will be very weighty. We managed to pick up the dying knowledge about the war. Today it is being revived, and a lot of work is being done on this occasion, ”said Egor Konchalovsky.

Daria Mikhalkova

Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

Stas Namin

Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

As part of the International Round the World March of Veterans, a motor rally will take place across the territory of 50 states, including Russia, the CIS countries and Europe, Asia and America. The basis of the crews will be veterans of wars and local conflicts – representatives of 12 states. The convoy of 12 off-road vehicles, having covered more than 100,000 kilometers, will finish its journey in Moscow on May 6, 2015.

The action will become not only a rally, but a whole range of events: in the cities through which the route of the March of Veterans passes, it is planned to hold commemorative and memorial events, sports tournaments among veterans and active military personnel, exhibitions and photo contests, an international festival of soldiers’ songs, reconstructions of historical events, ” round tables.


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