Julia Baranovskaya
Photo: Instagram*

The guests of the “Heat” festival pre-party were, to put it mildly, shocked when they recognized the always stylish and intelligent Yulia Baranovskaya. Gossips did not miss the opportunity to chat whether the new image suits the star or not. As a result, they agreed that it is simply contraindicated for Yulia to be a blonde, however, as well as to curl her hair. Soon, subscribers of Baranovskaya’s personal microblog, with whom she shared a photo from the event, joined their opinion.

“Blonde is not yours, despite the fact that you have bright eyes” “You look like Pugacheva here” “Blonde is getting old, not yours at all …” “We need a baby blonde … it’s too red and heavy …” – they wrote.

Fortunately for the fans, Julia changed her hair for only one evening, deciding to go on the red carpet like a shocking queen. And she succeeded with brilliance. And the role of blond hair was performed by an expensive wig. The image of an unbridled girl was complemented by a combination dress and a spacious shirt, as if taken from a beloved man. Those who know a lot about hooliganism and irony, Baranovskaya’s scandalous image was appreciated and praised for her provocation at the party.


By Yara

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