Julia Mikhalkova I have long dreamed of a country house where I could come after the tour. She did not experience a lack of fans who were ready to give such a gift to the star of the Ural dumplings. But the girl is used to fulfill her dreams herself. True, so far, as the actress herself admits, she has not earned such an expensive acquisition. And, nevertheless, Yulia recently moved to a luxurious country house in a cottage village near Yekaterinburg. How did it happen?

“This is a gift,” Julia smiles. – And not from a beloved man, although so many people think so. I think I would not be able to accept such an expensive gift even from a loved one. This house was not given as a gift, but was given to me for free use by the owners of the hotel complex on whose territory it is located. And I can hardly describe in words the gratitude I feel. It is an incredible feeling, an inexpressible thrill – to feel loved in your homeland, when people just make grand gestures like that, because they love me, my work, they are proud of my successes.

Julia moved into a new house just a couple of months ago, right after the New Year. She is going to change a lot here to turn this two-story cottage into a “cozy, warm nest.” But the main dream of the actress – to settle here with her beloved, is still far from being realized. Due to the employment of both, young people are more likely to see each other in Moscow, where Yulia comes on tour, and her fiancé is on business.

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