The best gift for your family

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New Year is a family holiday. I really want to spend this long weekend in the company of my dearest people! And for this today there are practically no barriers. You can take care of your loved ones in a matter of minutes by connecting them to the updated family account of the Yandex Go app. Moreover, the account owner can add up to three participants and choose a common card to pay for trips and purchases in services: these are both Taxi and Drive (Car sharing. – Ed.), and orders in the Food, Shop or purchases on the Market, and even payment for parcels in Delivery.

This is very convenient: spouses can pay for taxi rides or food delivery from nearby restaurants, and elderly parents can order goods on the Market. Now you can be sure that your daughter will drive to her friend’s dacha, the wife will comfortably return home from work, the grandmother will send her grandson her favorite toy forgotten at home, and the cargo taxi will help the head of the family bring large purchases from the market (for example, a Christmas tree!).

The administrator of a family account can customize the list of services that his relatives will use. For each family member, you can set a spending limit – daily, weekly or monthly. It is easy to set up and regulate it in the Yandex Go application. Here you can track spending and check the history of the family card. Every time relatives use Yandex Go services, the administrator will receive a push notification. Here we go?


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