In past articles, we talked about amazing summer dresses and trendy sandals and sandals. Our selection today contains the brightest and most luxurious swimwear of the 2020 beach season, which are suitable for owners of any figure.

1. Leopard bikini

The hit of this season is a bright trendy push-up bikini with leopard coloring.

Price: 353 rubles, buy with cashback

2. Push-up swimsuit

Elegant women’s swimsuit with shoulder straps.

Price: 552 rubles, buy with cashback

3. Plaid ruffled bikini

Fashionable spotted swimsuit with ruffles and medium waist.

Price: 403 rubles, buy with cashback

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4. Brazilian style swimsuit

Delightful Brazilian beach bikini.

Price: 600 rubles, buy with cashback

5. High Waisted Bikini

High-waisted one-piece swimsuit in super-stretch material.

Price: 612 rubles, buy with cashback

6. Striped retro swimsuit

Monobikini with plunging neckline and puffy ruffles. Perfect for those with large busts.

Price: 782 rubles, buy with cashback

7. Closed swimsuit with a zipper

Super stylish floral swimsuit with zip from bust to mid-tummy.

Price: 590 rubles, buy with cashback

8. Floral monobikini

A one-piece bikini with a dark top and bright multicolored bottom.

Price: 662 rubles, buy with cashback

9. Swimsuit with bodice-top

Beautiful swimsuit with a high waist.

Price: 585 rubles, buy with cashback

10 Snake Bikini

Frameless flexible swimsuit in a snake print.

Price: 704 rubles, buy with cashback

11. One-shoulder swimsuit

Off-the-shoulder one-piece swimsuit with see-through mesh on the belly.

Price: 662 rubles, buy with cashback

12. Polka Dot Bow Bikini

Sexy low waist bikini with bow bodice.

Price: 639 rub., buy with cashback

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