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Apartments in new buildings are more expensive than in the secondary market, and every year it becomes more difficult to find a suitable option. What should be taken into account when purchasing housing in a house under construction or a newly commissioned house? Realtor and broker Gulnara Akhmadieva spoke about the most common mistakes future owners make.

Perhaps you have been saving for a long time and now, finally, you have decided to buy your apartment. In search of the ideal option, it often seems that everything is taken into account and any scenarios are calculated. But is it really so?

Mistake #1

Select quickly and without analysis

Often people rest on their own “I want” and remain deaf to the arguments of reason and, for example, negative reviews from other buyers. Many people like the area, and they are ready to literally do anything to stay and live in it. At the same time, important points are overlooked, including the quality of the built house, which is not the highest in Moscow and the Moscow region, the lack of parking spaces, etc.

“Sometimes clients give very strange arguments “for” this or that property, and we, realtors, seem to have to agree to any of their choices, complete the transaction and receive a commission. But I know many stories when you had to convince people so that they would not later wish for the choice they had made, ”

the realtor says.

Solution: Consider at least five housing options before making your final choice. Set aside emotions and be sure to take a break to make a decision.

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Mistake #2

Don’t go to see

It seems to many future owners that if the house is still being built, then there is nothing to see there yet. And they refuse to leave. A large number of transactions today are made online, when developers show the future of housing via the Internet.

“It is necessary to go to the viewing, even if, say, only two floors have been erected. Talking to the developer or sales managers, seeing the surrounding area, checking transport accessibility is very important. Viewing will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the place, to understand whether you want to be there at all”,

says the expert.

If the houses have already been handed over, then when viewing pay attention to soundproofingin new houses there are big problems with her, says Akhmadiyeva. It is also necessary to clarify the situation with management companies, – in new buildings, for some reason, residents are constantly at war with them. Or two companies cannot divide the sphere of influence. Another weak point in new homes is elevators, although there are usually several installed at once, they constantly break.

you need to go to view it, such a trip will help you make the right buying decision.

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Mistake #3

Do not think about the future in a new apartment

Perhaps now you do not have children and you are not planning them yet, but, for example, in three to five years, parks near the house and kindergartens will be relevant.

“High-rise and large neighborhoods are quickly becoming overcrowded. Infrastructure development there is often delayed. It’s better to immediately think about which kindergarten the baby will go to, whether there will be enough space for him at school and whether it will be comfortable in classes with more than 35 people, and whether you can take him to another institution if necessary, ”

– notes the specialist.

be sure to check with the authorities in advance about plans for the development of the microdistrict. This will prevent many problems that you may encounter in the future.

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Mistake #4

Look at the layout as something secondary

Many people, when they come to a new apartment, immediately think about how they will redo it. But when repairs are started, it turns out that most of the ideas are impossible or illegal to implement. Therefore, it is worth evaluating in advance where the windows, doors go, how you arrange the furniture, etc.

“Even if we are talking about buying an open-plan apartment, it is important to keep in mind that the main zones have already been defined there, and it will not be possible to radically redo everything. For example, you can’t transfer wet spots, you won’t be able to legalize redevelopment with the removal, say, of radiators to the loggia, and much more, ”

– the expert notes.

immediately evaluate the pros and cons of the layout, consider how in the future you can manage this space. Do not invest your money in useless square meters.


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