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Lack of sunlight and fresh berries, clothes became heavy and multi-layered, it’s getting harder to wake up, and you don’t feel like moving at all … Probably, by February, everyone already felt how winter difficulties strongly affect people, their productivity and mood. Gray cold weekdays interfere with the natural production of serotonin, especially for people with seasonal mental disorders.

Trying something new, returning to creativity and physical activity often has neither the strength nor the time, so in order to get on the rails of productivity, we advise you to start small. It is in your power to add color to your own life, and we will help you with a couple of simple tips!

Playing with light and color

In winter, we already get a minimum of sunlight, and this also affects the overall perception of the interior: cold tones will look gloomy and lifeless. But warm and natural will add cheerfulness: orange, pink, golden, green. For a similar light variety, popular lamps with replaceable filters can be used.

It is also worth considering when planning color schemes that in winter the main light sources in the room are artificial. And the light from conventional lamps adds a little yellowness to all the colors in the interior, while fluorescent lamps bring more brightness to the interior.

Rooms that are not spoiled by sunlight, decorate in bright colors. Here, additional items will come to the rescue that will “revive” the space. Play with textiles, such as soft pink sofa cushions, a yellow throw, even a new tablecloth with rich colors can play an important role.

living plants

Everyone knows about the importance of living green plants at home. It is healthy and pleasing to the eyes. And in the cold season – it also reminds of summer and warmth. If it is not possible to take care of the flowers, put decorative vases, preferably transparent ones, and fill them with pebbles. Arrange the vases on the shelves, you can even put artificial flowers, multi-colored beads or fruits in them. Such vases will add “air” to the room, which means you will feel calmer.


The sense of smell plays no less a role in the perception of the surrounding world than the visual components, the memory for aromas in our brain is very strong. So let’s remind ourselves what summer smells like! Aromatherapy with the smells of jasmine, chamomile, meadow mint, rich lavender will plunge you into the pleasant atmosphere of a warm summer evening and help you relax after a hard day’s work. Scented candles work too!


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