6 new ways to wear lipstick in 2021
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Due to the pandemic, we are forced to wear masks, but we are not going to give up lipstick. So that it does not smear, we are mastering new methods of application. These effects will help you create an interesting image.

Kissed lips effect

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The lipstick will stay on if you apply it with your fingertips more densely in the center, slightly less bright at the edges (choose bright berry shades). So you create a romantic image, as if you were long and passionately kissed in French by an ardent lover.

Bright classic

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Red lipstick is an eternal trend that will never go out of style. So that it does not smear under the mask, choose matte textures. To add volume to the lips, gloss with sparkles or with a glossy effect will help. Apply a little gloss only to the center of the lower and upper lips.

nude lips effect

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This trend was in vogue back in 2012 and is back in the wake of mask trends. The bottom line is that the lipstick emphasizes the natural pigment of the lips. To do this, choose nude products or pigmented lip balms in pastel colors.

Delicate peach monochrome

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Peach and apricot are considered the most rejuvenating shades. They give warmth to the skin, visually even make the complexion more even, and this reduces several years in the passport. Lipstick in this shade flatters both warm and cold skin. So add it to your palette and makeup bag. Use lipstick with a matte or satin finish.

brown shade

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The shade of lipstick, originally from the 90s, is back in trends again. True, so that your lips do not look like you have eaten too much chocolate, choose brown lipstick with a certain undertone. Makeup artists recommend pink-brown color with a satin finish. Apply lipstick with your finger or brush.


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