Thin and dense, nude or the most popular black, with flowers and stripes, polka dots and mesh – there are many models, it remains to figure out which ones to wear and with what. You will never have to blush if you use our tips. So, we figure out what tights are and where it is customary to wear them.

What tights to wear in winter

And for pantyhose there is seasonality. If in summer, even quite cool, you will look strange in dense opaque models, then in winter you will catch puzzled looks if you go for a walk in thin bodily ones. A voluminous down jacket or fur coat will look very strange in combination with “bare legs”. Everything has its time.

Remember, it is correct to wear thin models in spring and summer, and matte black tight tights in autumn and winter.

Color is not always good

The best option for cold weather is black. In second place, by a wide margin, the “mocha” shade, it is more difficult to combine it with shoes and clothes, you still have to select details with a similar tone. But it is better not to wear purple, orange or green tights. We have nothing against a riot of colors, another thing is that it is very difficult to choose an image for them. The chances of making a mistake increase exponentially.

Brightness is only for slim people


If you still could not refuse tights of bright saturated colors, soberly evaluate your figure. Legs should be slender, period. In any other case, colored tights will emphasize and even enhance imperfections.

Do not wear white

Leave this color to schoolgirls and brides. And don’t even mind! White color makes even the most slender legs several sizes fuller, and such tights also get catastrophically dirty. An exception can be made on a frosty day for knitted patterns. Choose models from wool, with figured knitting. Pair them with light colored shoes. But such a bow will look good only in the countryside, against the backdrop of snowdrifts, or on a skating rink.

You can with sandals!

It used to be considered bad form to wear tights with open shoes. Now this duet is rehabilitated. But, when choosing a model for sandals, pay attention to the options without a seam on the toe and with a density of up to 15 DEN. And immediately forget about the flesh tone. If we wear tights with sandals, then let them be noticeable on the leg. Unexpectedly, but now a similar way to wear tights is in fashion.

You can also safely wear tights with sneakers and sneakers, but moccasins and ballet flats are not in trend, such shoes are worn on bare feet.

Black with black


Previously, fashionable young ladies used a guaranteed way to visually lengthen their legs: they picked up shoes to match the pantyhose. But fashion is changing. And now the golden rule applies: “The color of shoes should not be combined with a shade of tights.” True, there is an exception to this rule. Black tights can and should even be combined with black shoes.

Drawings non grata

As much as you hate to wear patterned nude tights, don’t. And do not buy such models. They will not decorate the leg at all, rather, they will disfigure. Drawings are almost impossible to combine with another wardrobe. And outwardly, such tights look like bruises or tattoos on the legs. If you do not want to get such an effect, do without “painting”.

Of the prints, only polka dots are allowed. Preferably small. And it’s definitely time to abandon the outdated trend – fishnet tights.

How to put on and take off tights


It would seem that there is something difficult, this skill is as if innate for many women. But there is a way that will keep nylon stockings safe and sound for a long time.

So, we collect one half of the tights with our hands to the toe and put it on the leg carefully, straightening the folds upwards. Do everything slowly, without jerking, stretching or twisting. So you will not only avoid hooks, but you will also be able to evenly distribute the pattern of tights, if any.

When removing tights, do not pull them down. These are not trousers or jeans with a dense fabric. Ideally, pantyhose should be rolled off the leg, from the top to the bottom. When you get to your heels, grab the toe of the pantyhose and pull it towards you.

How to wash tights

Ideally, by hand. You can also use the washing machine. But only on a delicate mode and preferably in special bags for washing clothes. Bags will save tights from possible snags.


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