Women’s breasts have always been and remain a source of attraction for male attention. The alluring neckline never goes out of fashion, and the fair sex does everything to attract even more admiring glances of men. As soon as they do not contrive: they swing in the gym, lie down under the knife of a plastic surgeon, do braces, injections, all kinds of grinding, drink herbal infusions, vitamins and bioadditives, go on a special diet, pick up underwear that increases and lifts the bust.

True, in the pursuit of chic, lush, elastic breasts, women often find themselves trapped in their own stereotypes and ideas about what “men like and what they love.” Our expert is a plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences Love Gower – talks about the most common misconceptions women have about their own breasts and the ideal forms that attract men.

1. “It’s not about the size”

Many women notice over time that one breast is slightly larger than the other. However, this fact should not be considered an anomaly. Numerous scientific studies have proven that perfect symmetry in the size of the mammary glands simply does not exist. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this fact.

[По данным научных исследований,
именно левая грудь у женщин немного больше по размеру, чем правая].

2. “Popularity? Yes!”

Breast plastic surgery is still in the top of the most popular plastic surgeries. For many years, foreign and Russian stars have not denied themselves the pleasure of making their appearance even more attractive.

3. “Don’t leave, stay!”

The vast majority of girls, women are unhappy with their weight. Exhausting diets and severe dietary restrictions have become fashionable and are not going to give up. However, not every girl draws a parallel between breast weight and body weight. And this is a well-known fact: the more weight, the more magnificent the chest. Of course, in pursuit of breast size, you should not abuse fatty foods, otherwise a voluminous belly will come with magnificent breasts. And this is a new problem.

[По мнению ученых, каждый набранный
килограмм увеличивает вес груди примерно на 20 грамм. Поэтому стоит
задуматься, так ли нужны все эти новомодные диеты].

4. “Weigh two”

Scientists from the state of Ohio (USA) found a job to their liking. The fact is that they undertook to verify the formula by which the arithmetic mean weight of the female breast became known. According to this formula, it turns out that one female breast weighs approximately 400 grams.

5. “I’m not a coward, but I’m afraid”

At one time there were rumors that breast implants provoke various female diseases, including cancer. This judgment is erroneous. In the early 90s of the 20th century, a lot of research was carried out on this topic.. As a result, scientists have proven that the presence of implants does not affect the development of cancer. Malignant neoplasms mainly cause hereditary diseases, various hormonal disruptions, etc.

6. “Women’s inconstancy”

It is believed that any girl in the world dreams of a big, lush breast. However, the facts say otherwise. There are people who voluntarily give up a magnificent bust and undergo breast reduction surgery. The main reason for this little-known operation is considered to be a bad effect on health. Too large breasts cause back pain and prevent their mistress from fully exercising. So not all that glitters is gold.

7. “Waiting for a miracle”

In youth, the breasts are made up of fat, mammary glands, and collagen. It is thanks to collagen that all this composition is held together. However, with age, fat displaces the mammary glands and collagen. Therefore, there is a lowering of the breast, and many decide on plastic surgery.

Many women are sure that the larger the volume of the implant, the larger the breast size will be. But in reality, the volume of the mammary gland is not measured in milliliters. This should be taken into account when deciding to do breast augmentation.

The appearance of a topless woman is not allowed on all beaches and still causes a negative perception. However, one Canadian organization still fights for the rights of women to be bare to the waist in places where men freely do it.


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