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The cold season is not a reason to stop following trends. Outerwear can be played up and turned into an exciting look no worse than summer models. And we will help you make the right choice by talking about the most stylish coats of the upcoming season.

The history of the coat dates back to BC, only then it looked different: a shoulderless cape with a hole for the head, which was worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Further, turning and transforming, the coat got into the everyday wardrobe of the Spanish peasants, and already in Holland it was made an element of the clothes of the court nobility. The femininity and elegance of the coat was given by the Frenchwoman Marquise de Pampadour, after which various decorative details began to be added to this garment. Today, the coat has many “faces”, and is worn and loved by all segments of the population.


Among noble ladies, as well as lovers of street fashion, this coat is incredibly popular. The volume and draped fabric add elegance to the look, attract the attention of passers-by and serve as incredibly comfortable details for everyday wear. Don’t forget to add an interesting belt to secure your waistline and give you some charm!


Such a fabric is a success not only in ordinary clothes, but also in outerwear. It is especially worth taking a closer look at the length of the “maxi”. Together, these two elements are considered particularly advantageous. Interestingly beaten classics can give you nobility and a subtle sense of taste.

A floor-length quilted coat is very common among young people. For example, in South Korea every second person walks in it. Today, such a model can help you throw off a couple of years, as well as become a member of the current versed in trends.

Not to be confused with natural fur! A sparkle in the eyes is caused by the support of precisely tolerant views, where caring for unfortunate animals is no exception. But the print of a snake, zebra or tiger is quite appropriate. Fashion houses are increasingly replenishing their new collections with them.

Aristocratic and sophisticated style, filled with metal and leather inserts, will make you a real queen.


From the past, sexy fabric from the eighties has returned to the catwalks. The smooth surface gives the image boldness and expressiveness, and the right combination with modern design can create an ultra-fashionable coat.

And it’s not dangerous or ridiculous at all! Leading fashion houses have a deep interest in patches and logos on outerwear. Therefore, feel free to replenish your collection with them, of course, not forgetting about accents.


By Yara

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