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The mask mode has made a huge contribution to makeup. If earlier lipsticks of juicy tones were in fashion, now, when the whole emphasis has shifted, due to circumstances, to the eyes, sales of bright, shiny lipsticks have slightly decreased.

But still, this “word” in the make-up should not be abandoned. Moreover, there is a unique shade that will not only sit well when you remove the mask, but also rejuvenate your look. It’s a lip color lipstick. It is nude, and not bright shades, that returns youth to the lips, and with proper application, it also gives volume. What tricks to use in makeup with lipstick to match the color of the lips, the expert suggested.

What lipstick can do with lip color

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Lipsticks in the color of the lips are unique in that they are suitable for any make-up, whether it is bright smokey or delicate daytime. There are no special problems in applying, if desired, you can do without a contour pencil, and without a concealer. With bright shades, such a focus will not work.

Natural shade lipstick, or nude as it is called, is similar in color to our lips, and if it wears off a little during the day (this is especially true when you remove the mask), no one will notice.

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Lipstick under the color of the lips does not emphasize age-related changes, unlike bright colors, but, on the contrary, levels them. It makes makeup look more romantic rather than dramatic or extravagant.

How to choose lipstick texture

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The texture is simple – lipsticks are liquid and cream. Further divided by finish into glossy, matte, satin, satin. It is believed that in the case of age-related changes, it is better not to use matte lipstick, because it dries, reduces the volume of the lips (and they really need it) and generally makes them flat, emphasizes wrinkles.

But you can also use matte textures, after all, they are the most persistent. To lipstick didn’t eat» lip volume, as a substrate, first apply lip balm, then lipstick, and on top of the center, apply a transparent gloss.

From cream, pay attention to lipsticks that do not give shine (with a shimmer) or wet gloss, but those with a satin finish, that is, they give a slight natural glow. This shade looks as natural as possible, and the effect of light shine sets a small volume.

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Look for moisturizing ingredients in lipsticks that are so necessary for age-related changes. They should stimulate the production of collagen, which determines the volume (peptides), moisturize (hyaluronic acid), heal damage and eliminate irritation (aloe vera, glycerin).

How to choose your perfect nude shade

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There are a few hacks to help you choose your nude lipstick tone:

1. Lipstick should be similar to your lip shade or a little darker. At the same time, if you want to create the effect of lush lips, just apply lipstick on the tone lighter (or concealer) on the center, blend the borders.

2. Lipsticks come in different undertones – cold, warm, neutral. Choose a lipstick that matches your undertone. If you’re a red-haired girl with freckles and honey eyes, warm nude lipsticks will complement your look perfectly. Blondes with blue eyes are shown with beige shades and with a pinkish undertone. Brunettes are closer to dark warm tones slightly lighter than brown and plum. Neutral lipsticks are exactly the same as the shade of the lips, go to everyone!

What mistakes do people make when choosing nude lipstick

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The most common mistake girls make buy too light lipstick, which simply erases the lips from the face. As a result, makeup creates a painful look. By the way, stars often make this mistake. In make-up for one of the secular exits, she went astray once Jennifer Lopez.

How to apply lipstick correctly

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It doesn’t matter what lipstick texture you choose. To make the lip makeup, especially under the mask, last longer, first apply a moisturizing balm on the lips, blot with a napkin, it will not be superfluous to use a special smoothing lip primer after that, which levels imperfections like wrinkles.

Then use a lip liner. It will prolong the durability of makeup and create an additional barrier between lipstick and lips. And then start using lipstick. If using liquid lipstick, apply it in a thin layer so that it is evenly distributed and fixed.

How to make an interesting lip makeup with nude lipstick

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Now the 90s are back in fashion, including in lip makeup. Remember how all the girls (and celebrities too) used a life hack, which, according to the idea, was to make the lips more voluminous: they applied a dark pencil along the lip contour, and a neutral lipstick on the lips. In the end, this created a dirty effect, instead of a sexy volume.

Actress Reese Witherspoon, who was recently asked about the biggest beauty mistake in her life, remembered this one. She also painted her lips in the fashion of the 90s.

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This trend is back, but don’t be scared. Makeup artists have rethought the technique with a pencil and lipstick. Now this is a worthy trick that gives volume to the lips, while the makeup remains natural.

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Take a pencil two shades darker than your lips (not brown, as was customary in the 90s), apply along the contour of the lips. Then apply a lighter lipstick on the lips, slightly going beyond the boundaries indicated by the pencil. Add some gloss to the center of the lips.


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