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Each of us faced difficulties in choosing the ideal style for ourselves. The desire to look beautiful and fashionable is a natural desire that arose in any modern woman. A huge variety of stylish trends guarantee that you will find what suits you. The goal of fashion searches is to find a style that will create an individual image.

Having branded items in your wardrobe does not mean dressing in style. Your look will be made unique by clothes that will be combined with each other in textures and colors. It will be a suitable cut and actual style. In a stylish image, the main unity of appearance with the internal state.

Style is considered to be certain categories into which clothes are divided and harmoniously combined together. Every woman knows what suits her, what clothes she will prefer, and what she will bypass. Style should not press, it should be comfortable. The right style makes you feel special.

In search of “one’s own style” everything is important: age, interests, lifestyle, status, body type, face, physique. Deciding on a style is important in order to feel truly comfortable and stand out from the crowd.

Each style has certain features. Today we take a quick look at the most relevant in 2020.

Casual style is one of the most popular among fashionistas. It is versatile when choosing and wearing clothes. This stylish direction is suitable for active and proactive people. Meetings in cafes, going to the cinema with friends, frequent walks and comfortable clothes – this is all casual style.

Urban style prioritizes convenience and mobility. Comfortable clothes and shoes are the main idea of ​​this style. Wear simple, flattering clothing that accentuates your figure.

Casual style is good because it does not have strict restrictions. The fashion of the city suits almost everyone.

Basic casual wear: jeans, trousers, sweaters, cardigans, shirts, blouses, T-shirts, skirts, jackets, vests and coats.

Shoes should be low-heeled or flat-soled. Sneakers, sneakers, loafers, moccasins, ankle boots are the main components of the casual style.

What colors are suitable for urban style? Most often these are neutral muted colors: beige, gray, white, black.

From prints, a check, a strip, plain fabrics and things with a geometric pattern of small and medium sizes are suitable.

Urban style accessories are bags (soft and holding their shape), glasses, watches, hats and scarves.


The military style that appeared in the 20th century will again become relevant in the fall of 2020. Military is practicality, strength and brutality. It is suitable for those who are interested in the aesthetics of military uniforms. This direction has key features that distinguish it from other fashion styles. This style can never be repeated without black leather, denim, epaulettes on the shoulders and patch pockets.

If we talk about colors, then it is necessary to use all kinds of shades of “earth” (sand, gray, swamp, dark green, brown) and khaki. Bright colors and saturated elements are acceptable in the form of a lining, for example, in a coat or jacket.

The most common military style print is camouflage and all its varieties.

Jackets, trench coats, jackets, overalls, shirts are the main items of military style clothing. Clothing silhouettes are fitted, strict and should well emphasize the figure. In a combination of other styles, a loose-fitting top is possible. On the feet are massive shoes or boots.


Images from denim always look spectacular, despite the fact that this style periodically gains and loses its popularity. Denim and total denim is a style for those who cannot imagine their life without jeans.

The versatility of denim is that with the right combination of clothes, you can go out into casual and even secular style. The resulting images against the background of gray city streets look interesting and bright.

The material is comfortable and practical. The formula for a successful total denim bow is simple: the top should be loose-fitting, the bottom should be a denim shirt with a fitted or semi-fitted cut. Can be paired with a T-shirt if you want to add another layer. Just put on jeans with a high fit and not tight. Shades of things can be different.

Cropped denim jackets are back in fashion – a great top for next fall. You can wear it with skirts of different lengths or loose jeans.

Another winning look is jeans and a denim shirt. The result is very stylish. We don’t wear jeans, we take only free ones and tuck a shirt into them.

Do not stay in the past, take an example from modern bows.

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