Anti-aging makeup trends for winter 2022

Make-up artists who work at fashion shows and Instagram * make-up artists do not puzzle at all over offering such a new make-up to us. They can justify themselves, echoing folk wisdom: “Everything has already been invented before us.”

Indeed, why reinvent the wheel when the asset always has a standard arsenal of means for embodying images: liners, blush, lipsticks and shadows. Taking the most successful trends of the past 5 years as a basis, the makeup artists redesigned them for the “new normals”, namely the post-pandemic. Nobody forgot about the mask mode, so the eyes in the make-up are still given the main party. However, no one wants to forget about bright lipstick, because even during the war years it was the most sought-after make-up product for women.

So, here are the main winter 2022 trends that you should rely on. Spoiler alert: Stock up on blush, shimmery textures, and colorful liners.

Draping elements

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Draping is a makeup trend of the 60s. This technique of contouring the face with blush. In 2017, the make-up artists of the Marc Jacobs show decided to resurrect her. Since then, draping has periodically returned to fashion.

1. DEAR DAHLIA Paradise Dual Palette. 2. Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette. 3. Marrakech CIATE LONDON eyeshadow palette.

In general, draping resembles the makeup style of Marie Antoinette, who adored everything pink, including face makeup. True, the queen always looked very theatrical. To make makeup closer to everyday life, makeup artists this season offer to add only elements of draping to the image, namely, to highlight the apples of the cheeks and whiskey with blush.

This will make the complexion healthier, hide the effect of winter beriberi. And draping is great rejuvenating. After all, you remember this line from the song: “Gymnasium girls are ruddy.” Blush is a symbol of youth.

Shiny textures

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The stylistics of the zero walks the planet. Here are metallic shadows, lip glosses with mother of pearl, as in advertising campaigns in 2002 with Cindy Crawfordall kinds of highlighters and shimmer tones are in vogue.

Glitter in the image is no longer synonymous with poverty, like Balzac. The more of it in life with its seemingly endless lockdowns, the easier it is on the soul, and the reflection in the mirror looks richer. The optical effect that shining particles create, like a Photoshop, erases imperfections from the face and fatigue from the eyes.

If you don’t want to “shine like a star”, opt for an ascetic eyeliner with sparkles. Draw thin arrows along the edge of the upper eyelid. This will add sparkle to the eyes.

Reverse cat arrows

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For fans of gravel style and experimenters – reverse cat arrows. They are now drawn not on the upper, but on the lower eyelid. What is the essence and beauty of technology, we wrote here.

wine lipstick

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In winter, burgundy becomes the new red. In the daytime, a note of burgundy will give an intoxicating astringency to the image, and in the evening – add seductiveness and sharpness.

Matt lipstick

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Remembering the mask mode, now all make-up brands have many collections of lipsticks with a matte texture in their portfolio. There is an obvious plus here – matte lipstick will not smudge under the mask. If you are afraid that in the winter season, such a composition will dry your lips that are so prone to peeling faster, apply a hygienic before lipstick as a base.

1. Mascara Le Mascara Noir EISENBERG. 2. The Nude Mauve Collection Eyeshadow Palette Catrice. 3. Moisturizing foundation with a matte finish Skin Illusion Velvet Clarins. 4. Matte lipstick Rouge Velvet the Lipstick Bourjois.

peach shadows

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Makeup artists, as in the fall, are advised to add more warm shades to their make-up palette. It is warm notes that give a lifting effect. The most rejuvenating shades are considered juicy peach and apricot. Add eye shadow and blush from this palette to your collection. And don’t forget about the universal palettes in golden-sand tones, they go with everything and brighten the eye color.

1. Sexy Cream Blush Romanovamakeup. 2. Eye shadow palette Make up stories compact Matt Attitude Pupa. 3. I’M Sexy Pupa Matte Vinyl Effect Lipstick. 5. POP PowderGel Eye Shadow Shiseido.

Thin eyebrows

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In the wake of the 90s, thin eyebrows are again in fashion, but not like Verochka from Office Romance, but like Bella Hadid. Eyebrow sculpting and correction in the fashion trends are described here.

How to apply blush so as not to look like Marfushenka-darling

Lip lift

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Fashionable lips this season are not big, like Angelina’s, or “filled ducks”, but full of youth. In order to achieve the effect, celebrity makeup artists and TikTok bloggers recommend using nude lipsticks and a pencil two shades darker than the lips.

1. Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye Shadow MAC 2. Eye shadow and eyebrow powder Smokey Eye Matte Drama Kit Alluring Nude Max Factor. 3. Revlon lipsticks.

Apply lipstick first, then pencil. With a thin line, highlight the lips to the middle, with a thicker line, draw the “cupid’s bow” on the upper lip and the outline of the lower lip. Lightly blend the line. Thus, you will lift the corners of the mouth that fall with age, make the lips visually more voluminous. You can add gloss to the center of the upper and lower lip if desired.


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