Apply perfume like the pros to make it last longer
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Many people cannot imagine their life without perfume; it, like a suit, becomes part of the image. For example, I feel naked without fragrance, so I only put it on half an hour before leaving the house.

Why exactly in half an hour, and how to apply perfume correctly, including so that your head does not hurt, in this material.

Apply perfume half an hour before leaving the house

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This is especially true in the heat. During this time, alcohol will have time to evaporate, which is present as a preservative in any fragrances, except for hair smokes.

If you put perfume on your skin and immediately go out into the scorching sun, there is a risk of getting pigmentation. And as for other seasons: in winter or spring, perfume should be sprayed for half an hour so that it has time to stick to the skin and not wipe off on a scarf.

Don’t rub perfume

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Many have a very bad habit – after applying the fragrance on the wrist, they begin to rub it. Thus, you do not allow the aroma to fully open up. Enzymes produced by the skin “eat” the first and middle notes. As a result, spirits immediately begin with a “tail”.

That’s right, applying the fragrance on the wrist, just touch the other a little.

Apply fragrance to the right points

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In the case of applying perfume, it is important to hit the right points. If you like the fragrance, but you are not used to it yet, so you constantly feel it, apply perfume on your neck, elbow bends, and, if it is a hot summer outside, under your knee. This is one of the hottest areas, which spreads a fragrant flair. True, it is worth applying under the knee if you wear dresses and skirts in the heat.

Perfumers do not recommend applying perfume behind the ears, at this point there are too many sweat and sebaceous glands that distort the composition.

Cosmetologists and aroma experts once again want to remind men that it is impossible to apply perfume on the face after shaving. Many representatives of the stronger sex, brought up on the stereotypes of their fathers, believe that in this way they “aromatize” and disinfect the skin. In fact, the aftershave lotion disinfects, and at the same time soothes and moisturizes, and the alcohol contained in the perfume only irritates the skin after shaving, and if there are wounds, it “opens” the gate for infection.

Use a moisturizer

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Do you know when a fragrance evaporates the fastest, even in perfume format? If the skin is dry. The composition of perfumes includes a large number of aromatic oils. Dry skin simply “drinks” them to moisturize, and as a result, the perfume composition evaporates after an hour or two.

To prevent this from happening, before applying perfume, experts recommend taking a shower, applying a moisturizer, preferably from the same line as the perfume, or without fragrance, so that there is no cacophony of smells. And after the cream, apply perfume after 20 minutes. So it will last throughout the day.

Buy a hair mist

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You have probably seen aromatic hair mists in stores. Not everyone knows what it is and why. These are special scented sprays for those who cannot wear perfume on their skin due to allergic reactions.

Smokes come with different fragrant compositions, and most importantly, they do not contain alcohol, so they do not harm the strands, do not dry out and do not stimulate hair loss. Smokes are among the most persistent, because the hair retains the perfume composition and spreads the fragrant flair well.


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