Woolen leggings over prickly tights, a natural fur coat in which you can only stand or slowly crawl through the snow, felt boots, rabbit hats – this is how our parents equipped us for a walk. Everything is warm and terribly uncomfortable. We are silent about beauty. We have already grown up, and it is still difficult to decide how to dress properly in winter. We buy boots with fish fur and light fur coats, or voluminous blanket coats, but we still feel cold. We will teach you how to dress properly in winter so as not to get cold.

Three Layer Rule

A well-known brand of children’s clothing has been releasing a high-tech winter line for many years and comes with instructions on how to properly dress a child in winter so that he does not freeze. Let’s take their advice.

According to all the rules, the first layer, closer to the body, should be a special thermal underwear. There are many options in stores, there are synthetic options, merino wool and silk. The most affordable is synthetic. Another plus is that it does not deform, it dries almost instantly after washing. But there are also disadvantages – synthetics absorb any odors, it will have to be washed more often, such thermal underwear quickly loses its external gloss. It is better to have several sets to change so as not to wash one. Synthetics can be bought at any sports store.

The best option is thermal underwear made of merino wool. Usually it is natural milky in color, thin, does not roll up, dries a little longer than synthetics. It is worth washing it in special products for wool and delicate fabrics in order to maintain the softness of the material. Thermal underwear can be found in sports stores, though not in all. There is it in sufficient quantities in specialized online stores.


Elite silk thermal underwear is most often sold to order. It is strong, durable, but in severe frost it is better to choose wool. The temperature regime of silk is up to about -10 degrees.

For winter, you will need leggings and a T-shirt with sleeves. They will remove excess moisture from the body and will be invisible under ordinary clothes.

What is the difference between thermal underwear and ordinary cotton? Cotton absorbs moisture, becomes wet itself and stops warming, but rather cools the body. Thermal underwear does not absorb moisture, but removes it from the body, you will not sweat or freeze in it.

The second layer is your regular clothes. Here, too, you should abandon the cotton so beloved by everyone. Jeans, which do not heat up in winter, get wet from the temperature difference, also fall under the distribution. It is better to choose microfiber tights, or wool trousers, wool sweaters, fleece options are suitable for country walks. Dress according to the place you are going to, just consider the fabric, give preference to wool, microfiber, acrylic. As for children, the same brand recommends wearing a set of thick fleece over thermal underwear. Take this advice into account for long winter walks.

The third layer is outerwear made of high-tech fabric. Usually these are jackets and trousers made of “membrane”. It does not let moisture in and takes it away from the body. The jackets are quite thin, but this is only a visible thinness, subject to the first two layers, they are perfectly warm even in the most severe frosts.

In fluff and fur

If you put on thermal underwear, a second layer of wool and a high-quality down jacket on top, you can even sleep in such equipment in the cold. Three layers with top down can withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees.

But a down jacket is different for a down jacket. Pay attention to the plumage of which bird is used. The warmest is goose down. Fluff should be from 90 percent in the composition. It is down, not feathers, that keep you warm in cold weather. Down forms air cushions in the chambers. The “airier” and more voluminous the down jacket, the lower the temperature regime it is designed for.

A high-quality down jacket, by the way, can be safely washed. The filler in it does not fall off after, will not lose its qualities.


In second place in terms of warmth among outerwear are sheepskin coats. The whole secret is in the fur inside. The fur leaves room for warm air to circulate under the clothes. The longer the fur, the warmer the sheepskin coat will be. But sheared options in severe frosts will not save you.

In third place are fur coats. Here, as with a down jacket – a fur coat is different. Fashionable mink weightless coats are unlikely to protect the hostess in the winter. Rather, they are suitable for short wear to walk from the car to the door and back. And certainly not helpers in long winter walks. The problem is that for sewing light fur coats, the skins are greatly stretched, they cease to fulfill their main role – to warm, as they become thinner in places, and the hairline also changes. The same problem with such fur coats is poor-quality material in general. If you have already decided on a fur coat – choose a sheepskin and a muton. They do not look so luxurious, but they are definitely suitable for sub-zero weather.

Feet warm, head too

The principle of layering will be required for the legs, and for the hands, and for the head. Wear two pairs of socks, for example, thin synthetic ones down, thin woolen over top. Choose shoes with thick soles, half a size is better – a size larger. Put in additional insoles with wool or natural fur.

You can wear gloves on your hands, and mittens on top. Materials, traditionally, wool or synthetics. A hat on the head, and a hood on top. So you additionally protect yourself from wind and moisture.


If you are going to walk for a long time, do not be lazy, take an additional set of accessories. Another hat, socks and gloves. If possible, take an ultra-thin down jacket that folds up compactly and does not take up much space in your bag.

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