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As you know, the Pantone Color Institute, traditionally, analyzing the collections of brands presented on the main podiums of the world, compiles a list of the most trendy colors of the year or the upcoming season. What awaits fashionistas this spring and summer? Among the most fashionable colors are all bright shades: yellow, burning red, turquoise, fuchsia, green. And in the place of honor, rich bright orange. Stylists advise: things of this life-affirming, full of optimism and energy shade must be present in the wardrobe. Maybe someone orange will seem too bold and conspicuous. Yes it is! But, if you have enough courage and are not afraid to create images from which it is impossible to look away, then you are on the way with orange. This shade is for those who are not shy to draw attention to themselves. If you think bright orange is too extravagant for yourself, opt for golden orange, which many associate with marigold flowers. What is the best combination of all shades of orange? With white and black. Then the brightness is slightly muted. Orange trousers, sweatshirts, hoodies, skirts and blouses, dresses can be completely fearlessly complemented with white or black accessories. For example, bags, shoes, belts, jewelry.

Photo: provided by the Press Service

But there is also a second option. You may well stop at it by buying orange-colored accessories: shoes or a bag. Wear them also with white or black for a stylish, sophisticated look. In the new collection of the Italian brand Ice Play, for example, you can find an interesting bag in a bright, rich orange color. The original design is combined in it with versatility and practicality. Bold orange looks great with classic black. An ideal choice for the summer of 2021. Such an accessory will help create an image of an active, dynamic, self-confident person who, on the one hand, wants to stand out from the crowd and emphasize his individuality, and, on the other hand, has a rather democratic outlook on the world.


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