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For a long time, a baseball cap was a part of an exclusively male wardrobe, but a brave and stylish girl is able to rewrite the rules and create a new fashion. That’s what happened with this hat. Moreover, many people stereotypically believe that only sports and brutal images are diluted with men’s clothes, but this, as we have already said, is a common myth. A baseball cap, of course, is capable of this, but modest “fluffy” looks, as well as elegant outfits, have not bypassed it.

As usual, let’s approach this issue professionally.


The classic version – the visor looks forward. Actually, the baseball cap was originally created to protect from the sun, so a stylish accessory and utility can be combined in one look.

We draw attention – the visor is on the side. Probably everyone remembers how teenagers used to express themselves in this way. This option is perfect for bright clothes.

We express courage – the visor is back. It so happened that the baseball cap, in the reverse application for it, was assigned to self-confident individuals.


Oversized clothes fit perfectly here: sweatshirts, jeans, jackets and cardigans. When choosing shoes, look at sneakers and sneakers. When it comes to colors, boldness is your go-to guide for the outdoors. But this does not mean that contrast prevails in it. The baseball cap only provides a base for experimentation, but you can start with more relaxed looks.

In general, use patches, patterns, leather inserts and create your own street style.


Ever seen a baseball cap paired with a fur coat? Definitely, the decision is bold, but it is somehow impossible to call it strange either. Bold, but tasteful – perhaps the most appropriate description.

The most important thing in this combination is modesty. And yet, better to say, minimalism and strict etiquette. It is very easy to overdo it in this combination, so you need to be able to feel the fine line of the image.

A baseball cap will wonderfully fit into a classic suit and plain outerwear. And it is very important to choose the right material for the headdress. It should be dense, not have bright inserts and patterned decor. We remind you once again: in office style it is better not to take risks.

Fans of “camouflage” can also play with a baseball cap. Such a coloring will fit perfectly into the military style. As for clothes: remember the classic rules. These are rough fabric and shoes, loose outerwear and unisex pants.


Let’s return to the already mentioned “fluffy” image. Of course, to give the collected look’u a cute entourage, it is enough to remember the “princess things”. Sequins, rhinestones, sequins and warm gentle tones.

Clothing should also convey a romantic style. Elegant tight dresses, skirts, vintage shirts are your faithful helpers. But no one canceled T-shirts, tops and shorts with neat trousers. Just then you need to put more emphasis on accessories. Necklace and earrings will perfectly cope with this role!

From shoes, look at modest sneakers or shoes with small heels. But with sandals, be more careful: if they are combined with clothes incorrectly, they will play with you by their own rules.


By Yara

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