If your apartment has a balcony, you are already lucky! The first thing we need to agree on is that we do not litter it with unnecessary things. A balcony is always a rather limited space, and when decorating it, it is wise to take a minimalist style as a basis and stick to simple lines. So what is your dream balcony? A terrace with a table and an armchair where you can have a cup of coffee, or is it an almost full-fledged room, thoroughly equipped for your needs?

Option number 1 – rest zone

Light tulle, soft carpet – and now your balcony has become more comfortable. Add the most ordinary table and chairs – and you’ve got a resting place, where in warm weather it’s nice to have a cup of coffee and read.

As the base colors, choose a warm pastel range of shades. To visually increase the space, light colors are usually used, among which white is the leader. Finishing materials are preferably natural – wood, decorative plaster, textiles. But keep in mind that chairs, a coffee table, a carpet, pillows, dishes and decor items must be designed in the same style.

If possible, insulate walls, floors and windows. If the balcony is small, do not clutter it with voluminous pieces of furniture and decor. For example, to store blanks, books or souvenirs, use open shelves – they look lighter, give more “air”. At the same time, such elements perform not only a functional role, but also a decorative one – the objects placed on them will serve as a color accent in the interior.

For the possibility of transforming space, it is better to purchase folding furniture models. If you have a loggia, an ottoman, voluminous pillows or even a hammock will fit perfectly there. An unglazed balcony can be designed as an open terrace for summer holidays. In this case, choose furniture that is resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the role of lighting in the recreation area. It is the light that creates the mood. Consider several lighting options so that you can use all the appliances at once or only some of them. The design of the blinds on the windows of the glazed balcony allows you to adjust the flow of light in the daytime. And a lucky light in the evenings can create a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Option number 2 – functional space

There are many ways to turn your balcony into a special functional space that can be used for different purposes depending on your desire. This is your balcony and you can use it according to your interests and hobbies.. Someone just wants to have a good time and relax while reading a book or watching a movie. For some, the best option is to equip a home workshop or garden.

If you like fresh vegetables and herbs, a winter garden is at your service, which can easily be placed on the balcony. Love to watch the starry sky – put a telescope there, a comfortable chair and a table for notes. The balcony can even be turned into a full-fledged office! It is enough to place a small rack with shelves for magazines and literature near the narrow side wall, put a table and a chair.

Which décor do you like more – a stylish seating area or a well-equipped space?


By Yara

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