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At the end of 2021, the BLOM brand expanded its microneedle collection and launched a line of microneedle masks with maximum area of ​​influence. It includes both innovative products for women and the first in the brand’s history, an offer designed specifically for men.

one. SOFT CARE microneedle masks with red clover and licorice extracts for dry skin. The combination of mechanical action of microneedles, as well as targeted delivery of hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, has a deep spa effect. The systemic use of SOFT CARE microneedle masks helps to moisturize, soften and nourish the skin, even out complexion, stimulate cell regeneration, and has an anti-inflammatory effect;

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2. ULTRA DETOX microneedle masks with succinic acid for skin with the first signs of aging. Succinic acid stimulates metabolic processes, prevents thinning and dehydration of the skin. An effective combination of succinic and hyaluronic acids, combined with the mechanical action of microneedles, provides a noticeable detox effect. The systemic use of ULTRA DETOX microneedle masks has an antioxidant effect, promotes the elimination of toxins, evens out tone, restores the protective barrier and prevents premature aging;

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3. TOP REJUVENATION microneedle masks with SYN-AKE peptide and caffeine for aging skin. The high-tech SYN-AKE peptide works like Botox: it slows down the transmission of nerve impulses, helping to relax the skin and smooth out epidermal wrinkles. Caffeine improves microcirculation and normalizes the water balance of the skin. The peptide-caffeine complex in combination with the mechanical action of microneedles provides anti-aging effect: reducing the depth of wrinkles, leveling the relief, increasing the density and elasticity of aging skin;

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four. Microneedle masks DOUBLE ENERGY for men with SYN-AKE peptide and double caffeine*. SYN-AKE peptide improves skin smoothness and firmness, reducing the appearance of expression lines, while caffeine improves microcirculation and normalizes water balance. The combination of active ingredients and the mechanical effect of microneedles during systemic use provide tonic effectreduced irritation, reduced puffiness and signs of fatigue.

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BLOM microneedle masks are a modern product for systemic minimally invasive skin biorevitalization. Each microneedle mask is made up of three parts and covers the maximum area of ​​the face, providing a comprehensive solution to problems and prolonging the youth and natural beauty of the skin.

The microneedle applicator is a base with biosoluble microneedles made of hyaluronic acid and additional active ingredients, selected for different skin needs. Microneedles penetrate the stratum corneum and dissolve in the deep layers of the epidermis, inaccessible to surface cosmetics. At the same time, unlike salon cosmetic procedures, the use of biosoluble microneedles is absolutely painless and safe for home use.

The high efficiency of microneedles is achieved due to two factors:

  • Mechanical impact: collagen production, improvement of local microcirculation, restoration of the structure and relief of the epidermis, reduction in the severity of wrinkles.
  • Biochemical impact: targeted delivery of hyaluronic acid and active ingredients that contribute to the normalization of the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, provide an antioxidant and nourishing effect.

It has been clinically proven that already after 6 applications, there is a decrease in the severity of wrinkles by 66.8% and improve skin texture 65.3% thanks to the active action of microneedles inside the epidermis**. To achieve the best result, a course application of 12 procedures is recommended, due to the action of microneedles in the deep layers of the epidermis, as well as the duration of the cell renewal process.

Number of masks in the package: 6 pieces.

BLOM. Beauty inside.

*Compared to BLOM TOP REJUVENATION microneedle masks

**Data based on optical profilometry after 6 applications of BLOM microneedles. International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2020, 42, 429–435


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