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The carpet is an extremely difficult piece of furniture for us, because for some it is strongly associated with the “grandmother’s repair”. Partly thanks to innovative new possibilities in production, partly thanks to the attention of designers – but carpets are back in trend! And sometimes soft and inviting flooring is simply the best choice for your room.

Try natural fiber carpet

If you don’t trust the carpet trend yet, start by looking at natural fiber coverings such as jute, sisal, wool or seaweed. They are a great alternative to hardwood because they offer a similar organic look.

Classic is always in fashion

If you’re choosing a living room rug, a neutral solid color (soft brown, beige) is often the best option. To keep it from looking outdated, consider a low pile carpet and pair it with dark bright accents and furniture.

Multilayer rugs on carpet

Just because you have carpet or a huge wall-to-wall rug in your home doesn’t mean you can’t add a few more smaller rugs. When done right, laying a rug over a large floor is a great way to add extra texture or update an old one. This option also works for vintage connoisseurs, just be sure to choose a carpet that complements your main carpet, rather than trying to compete with it. Mixing and matching patterns is an option for the daring and those who aren’t afraid to add some personality to their living room.

Animal print is in fashion

If you’re trying to bring some minimalism into your home, consider a vibrant animal print rug. But remember: this piece of furniture is not for the shy home decorator. A leopard or cheetah print rug is a great way to make a statement and add texture. If you’re worried that such an active pattern might clutter up the space, keep the rest of the interior minimalist.

Try a subtle pattern

But if bold, wild drawing is too much for you, consider a more relaxed option. The delicate geometric pattern adds flair without cluttering the room. Look for discreet prints in neutral hues like gray or white for a modern interior. Patterned carpet is all the rage – and it’s not hard to see why. Not only will it add texture to your space, but it will also help a simple room look elegant and uncluttered.

Optical illusion

Stripes are a good way to make a small room look longer or wider and add depth to a space. For those who are up for some bold experimentation, large stripes will do, but you can also find a rug with a more subtle striped pattern for a sleeker, preppier look.

Piece of art

What if you have a small carpet that you think deserves special attention but doesn’t fit your interior? I have an idea – turn it into a piece of art and hang it on the wall. After all, this is the same work filled with history and good memories! Carpet framing and display is another popular trend these days.

Choose the Right Carpet

When deciding to buy a carpet, it is important to consider your lifestyle. For example, a large family with children and pets will have different requirements than a person living alone. A family of several people will definitely need a coating that can withstand more traffic and has increased stain resistance. If there are pets in the house, you can also look for carpets that are similar in color to the color of the pets.

Those who live in sunnier climates will be more concerned about fade resistance, while those living in high humidity areas will be more likely to look for synthetic carpet fibers that are less prone to mold and mildew.


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