“Caution, the pores are closing”: is it possible to open them at home, and what to do for this
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You have probably heard about the pores and that they, like the chakras, must be open. If the pores are closed, troubles cannot be avoided – acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads threaten, as well as skin stretching. Sebaceous plugs are to blame for everything, which clog and stretch the mouths of the hair follicles.

Is it possible to open pores, like chakras, on your own at home? Here are the instructions from the experts.

What are pores, why do we need them and why are they clogged

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Pores are all over the surface of our skin. If you look at them under a microscope, they look like tubes that are associated with hair and ducts of the sebaceous gland. Through the pores, the skin gets rid of toxins, sebum is released to its surface, which serves to moisturize and protect, and sweat to cool.

Under normal conditions, when you cleanse your skin well with a cleanser and toner, sebum and impurities are shed from the surface, making room for new flow.

But if you forget to wash your face, relying only on micellar water, or hormone surges occur in the body (for example, testosterone levels rise), problems with the gastrointestinal tract or adrenal glands appear, more sebum comes to the surface. In the process of cleansing, it is not completely washed out of the skin, and stagnates at the mouth of the pores.

It is generally accepted that only those with oily skin suffer from blackheads. Yes, the “owners” of this type of dermis have one square centimeter more pores than others, and they are wider. But pores can become clogged against the background of unfortunate hormonal changes and in owners of dry skin. Only in them this happens not on the whole face, but exclusively in hormone-dependent zones – on the forehead, chin, cheeks.

Sebaceous plugs that increase in size can stretch not only the pores, but also the skin. And this, in turn, provokes premature aging.

Is it possible to open pores at home

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Yes, you can, but do not use special double-sided iron sticks for this, which serve to open eels and get their contents. There are a lot of video instructions on how to use them on social networks, and these “torture” tools themselves are easy to buy in online cosmetic stores. By repeating the manipulations of bloggers, you can easily infect the skin, injure, make yourself deep post-acne. So it is better to do with small forces without any self-mutilation. Care, care and more care.

Use creams and ointments with retinol

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Vitamin A is the holy grail for skin. It relieves not only of sebaceous plugs and pacifies the work of the sebaceous glands, but also rejuvenates. True, creams with retinol should be applied in a course, applied only to acne-damaged areas or wrinkles.

You should start with twice a week, combining with a moisturizer. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting retinoid dermatitis, which, in fact, many are prone to. It is expressed in peeling, redness, dry skin and the appearance of even more inflammation.

Use acids

You can use cleansers with fruit acids, as well as salicylic or lactic acid, which effectively fight to open pores and reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands.

1. Aravia Activated Charcoal Cleansing Gel. 2. Gel for washing hemp 1753 cosmetics. 3. Mattifying face toner Insta Skin Care Eveline Cosmetics. 4. Gel-foam for washing “Rosehip” Natura Organic “Clean Line”. 5. Cleansing gel for normal oily skin of the face and body CeraVe. 6. Foam for washing with acids HADALABO.

1. Vacuum Cleaner Pores No More Facial Mask dr. brandt. 2. Mask with black charcoal Black Clay Mask Kiko Milano. 3. Cleara Sept Swiss Pharma anti-acne gel. 4. Nonicare deep pore cleansing clay mask. 5. Mask-film for removing black dots “Folk recipes”.

1. Mary Kay Pink Clay Revitalizing Mask. 2. Flower Foam Cleanser Beautydrugs. 3. Antioxidant face mask Acne Control Professional. 4. Gel with brush Clean Skin Active Garniera. 5. Steaming facial scrub “Folk recipes”.

Don’t dry out your skin

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You should not use several products with acids at once (for example, a cleanser, tonic and cream), because they dry out, and overdried skin, on the contrary, will release more sebum for self-moisturizing, so the pores will definitely not open.

It is best to use acids in peels or cleansers, toners, and be sure to apply a moisturizer afterwards to restore balance.

Also, you should not use the entire arsenal against black dots in a “burst of passion” to achieve the fastest result. For example, an unsuccessful duet is acids and retinol, they must be used separately, otherwise an “explosion” on the skin is provided in the form of redness and sharp peeling.

Also, you can not wash your face daily with the use of advertised gadgets and cleansing brushes.

Use special products for acne

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They work on several fronts at once – they pacify the sebaceous glands, moisturize and dry inflammation. Such cosmetics contain valuable tea tree oil, zinc or zinc salts, extracts of pumpkin, cedar, black charcoal, moisturizing agents.

1. Anti-blackhead scrub sticks with Moroccan Tsururi volcanic clay. 2. Peel-off Mask Cleanse & Renew Waso Shiseido. 3. Ginseng mask for deep cleansing of pores Pulanna. 4. Bubble sheet mask for the face “Bamboo Charcoal” Skin Studio Stellary. 5. Cleansing gel for washing Vinopure Caudalie.

1. SebiaClear SVR cleansing mousse and exfoliant. 2. FRUDIA multimasking. 3. Face lifting patches with ANSALIGY bamboo charcoal. 4. Oxygen mask-skating with acids for deep cleansing of the skin ARONYX. 5. Balancing toner for normal to oily skin Mixit.

1. Ultra Smoothing Pore Refiner Ultraceuticals serum for narrowing pores and smoothing skin texture. 2. Supermud Glamglow Purifying Mask. 3. Cream-gel for acne, pimples and black spots “Cynovit”. 4. Azelaic Acid Serum Don’t touch my azacid. 5. Effaclar La Roche-Posay Ultra Concentrated Acne Serum. 6. Corrective care against imperfections Normaderm Phytosolution VICHY double action.

What procedures at the beautician will help open the pores

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If the problem of acne has reached a universal scale and the black dots look voluminous, “spread” all over the face, and the pores are greatly stretched, help is needed. In this case, you should not rely only on home therapy.

In the cosmetologist’s office, problems with closed pores can be dealt with faster, for example, if you do an ultrasonic cleaning once a month, combining it with a mechanical one.

Vacuum cleaning will also help out. To achieve quick results, but with a rehabilitation of 1 or 2 weeks, a course of CO2 laser, median peeling (retinoic or fruit acids) will help.


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