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Our permanent expert stylist Lina Dembikova (@lina_dembikova) together with the Yuvelirochka company tells readers how to create an actual spring-summer look with the help of chains and chains.

Chains are delicate. All fashionistas want to wear them, but you need to do it right. It’s no secret that chains have been trending for a couple of years now. The small ones, the big ones. But lately, the trend is moving towards complex multi-level vintage models. Remember: such jewelry always attracts attention, adding a daring mood to your look.

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You can mix silver and gold. But the design and shape of the chains must be consonant. The image will turn out to be solid if jewelry made of different metals is not “scattered” in different zones, but intersects in one and the other accessories support the weave – for example, identical chains on pumps, in bracelets or in the form of accessories on a bag.

The most fashionable jewelry option for the summer: a combination of a metal chain and freshwater pearls. You can wear chains of composite elements or combine several threads at once. In combination with a laconic trouser suit, it looks especially relevant.

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We work with contrast. Light textures look even more feminine in contrast with large chains.

Pair chains with satin-textured medallions and casual styling for a trendy look.

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The most versatile and unmistakable look for every day: blue jeans and a white shirt. What chain to choose for this kit? Both gold and silver can be placed on a neutral base separately, or together. Combining different metals is now a trend. Such a laconic look allows you to add bright lipstick, for example, a trendy cherry shade.

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This season, a special trend is to mix chains of different sizes and designs. So the field for experiments is huge. If you mix chains of one metal, then it expands to infinity.

A morning look with a jacket, jeans and sneakers can be instantly transformed and give it an evening mood if you add pumps and several chains of different designs and at different levels.

What to wear with:

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The more concise the clothes, the more complex the chain can be.

The most fashionable girls and women wear chains:

  • with sportswear,
  • with light dresses.

Already familiar combinations:

  • with pantsuits and oversized jackets.


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