Color type “Winter”: choose a color palette
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  • What colors characterize the girls of the “Winter” color type?

  • What colors are suitable for the “Winter” color type in makeup?

  • What colors in clothes are suitable for the “Winter” color type?

Surprisingly, among the girls, the “Winter” color type is the brightest – only “Summer” can compete with it. Despite the fact that “Winter” belongs to the cold group, bright, contrasting and even bold images are great for representatives of this color type. Unlike the summer color type, the coldness of “Winter” is based on a sparkling blue tone, which gives the colors saturation and brightness.

Let’s consider in more detail. The skin of the winter color type is even, white, may have a bluish tint. Depending on natural data, it can also cast beige, ash-brown, porcelain, pinkish, white-beige undertones. The paler the skin of “winter” girls, the weaker the effect of the sun on it, but sometimes freckles may appear.

The hair of the representatives of the “Winter” color type is usually dark: black-brown, black, chestnut, ash-brown, dark ash. The color of the eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes is bright and piercing: dark brown, rich brown, black, dark gray, bright blue, blue, cold green. Eyebrows and eyelashes are dark, black. The color of the lips, as a rule, has a cold lilac-pinkish tint.

Characteristic representatives of the color type “Winter” – Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek, Sofia Rotaru, Ani Lorak, Audrey Tautou, Liv TylerDita Von Teese, Katie Holmes, Nadezhda GranovskayaAlsou, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Megan Fox, Svetlana Loboda.

As a base – slightly greenish (for a dark shade), pinkish, porcelain, almost white (for a light shade) tonal creams and powders. Highlighters look interesting on “winter” girls, emphasizing the noble pale skin tone of the face.

In the case of blush, all shades of pink with a cold undertone are suitable, as well as lilac-beige and grayish shades. Eye shadow – almost all cold, including bright shades: pink, anthracite, blue-violet, graphite, gray, silver, dark green, snow-white, lemon-gold, taupe.

Mascara can be either classic black or other rich dark shades. Lipstick and lip gloss palette: burgundy, plum, fuchsia, raspberry, cyclamen, cherry, dark beige.

The basic group – outerwear, dresses, trousers, suits, skirts – can be the color of dark chocolate, “royal” blue, ultramarine, dark purple and blue-violet.

Things of burgundy, azure, raspberry, lilac, coniferous green, dark emerald, ruby ​​and red-brown colors also look great on a “winter” girl. Of the gray shades, by the way, charcoal gray, steel and anthracite will come in handy.

Color type “Winter”: choose a color palette
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Also, the “winter girl” can wear deep black, dazzling white, creamy, cold blue, cold pink, sand, gray-beige, moonlight yellow, rich mint, light lavender shades.

As accents, you can offer accessories or details in bright colors, such as purple, lemon, bright turquoise, fuchsia, rich purple, azure, juicy green, cyclamen, indigo, ultramarine, bright red.

When choosing a wardrobe for a “winter” girl, you need to pay attention to the texture of the fabric and prints. These are dense materials, which can also be with a brilliant sheen – dense silk, satin, suit wool with a sheen, leather, including patent leather, velvet. Fur products will look great: silver fox, mink, astrakhan fur, black fox.

Fabric prints should be dynamic and expressive. It can be geometry, check, stripes, diagonal, polka dots, floral patterns, chicken foot and animal.

In order to emphasize the “winter” image, girls of this color type should choose accessories of a rigid, clear shape: pumps with a pointed or square toe, shoes with straight heels, a bag with clear lines. By the way, they can be made of patent leather.

In jewelry, the main rule of the winter color type also applies – cold colors. Diamonds, blue sapphires, blue topazes and aquamarines, red garnet, ruby ​​and tourmaline, black onyx, rock crystal, black or white pearls perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of “Winter”. A good frame for jewelry will be white or cold lemon gold and silver.

Of course, representatives of the “Winter” color type can adhere to strict rules and look perfect, but you can also deviate a little from the canons of style and allow yourself bold experiments, and modern fashion completely allows this. The main thing is to find your own style and emphasize the dignity, and sometimes even character traits.


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