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It would seem that we have not seen any options for a jacket for all these seasons: for children, with a bright smile line, in combination with a moon manicure, in a combo with a design, etc.

There were also different geometric shapes of the smile itself. And it seems that there is nothing more to surprise us with this design option. But the popular nail stylists decided to add fuel to the fire and “wrote” a simple continuation of the “French epic”, making the contour French manicure the “protagonist” of this summer.

This is one of the easiest design options, even a beginner can repeat it, whose hands tremble when a brush is in them. There are a lot of variations on the theme of the contour jacket. The main thing is to stock up on multi-colored varnishes and patience.

What is a contour jacket

Photo: instagram*

Photo: instagram*

The name comes from the word contour. The bottom line is to apply thin lines: one along the line of the smile itself at the very tip of the nail, the other, equally thin, placed parallel a little closer to the middle of the nail.

It feels like you’ve created a manicure outline, but it doesn’t look unfinished. The design can be done in bright, classic or gothic colors.

How to make a contour jacket

Photo: instagram*

Photo: instagram*

The main rule of contour manicure is that the base should be neutral. That is, on the nails for the design you apply one of the nude shades of varnish, you can get by with just a transparent base.

You can create a contour from two bright colored stripes, make it monophonic, according to Feng Shui (highlight the ring and middle fingers on your hands with different tones from the rest), and also “play” with geometry. For example, straight smile lines look good on square-shaped nails or a soft square.

For evening outings or a holiday, the contour jacket can be optionally made with varnishes with a metallic effect (you can not limit the palette to silver and gold shades) or you can add rhinestones and sparkles.

Nail stylists offer an option for the most modest. By the way, such a manicure is a great idea for a wedding. On a neutral background, draw smile lines with white varnish. In this case, using a thin strip, you can also emphasize the moon, fully highlighting the contours of the nail.

The advantages of contour manicure are obvious, because it helps to hide various nail problems. For example, if you want to grow out your nails, and they are short, a jacket will create the illusion of length. For thin nails, the design will give volume, hide defects in the nail plate.


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