Crow’s feet around the eyes: is it necessary to get rid of them and how
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Cosmetologists call the network of wrinkles around the eyes the cute phrase “crow’s feet”. At the same time, they do not soften the blow, but exacerbate it, stating that this is an aesthetic problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. A number of girls do not listen to anyone and gladly accept “crow’s feet”, believing that they add charm. But not everyone is so brave and self-confident. Many take the path of struggle and try to erase the hated “paws” at all costs. But is it necessary? And is it possible to manage with small forces?

What are “crow’s feet” and do they spoil everyone visually

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In the end, this network of wrinkles eventually appears in everyone. The thing is that the skin around the eyes is thin, actually devoid of a protective hydrolipidic film and is easily transformed. We provoke “crow’s feet” ourselves, because we just live: we squint, laugh, blink, experience stress, get into the sun, do not always eat right.

To remove wrinkles, to live without blinking, without squinting or laughing, I tried Nicole Kidmanand everything turned out sadly. She almost lost good roles, because with the face of a frozen fish she simply could not convey emotions on the screen. For some time, the actress put the injections “on pause” in order to return to working order again, but periodically she “sits down on the needle” again. But it seems that with “crow’s feet” the actress would be much livelier and more attractive.

Frozen faces without facial expressions, despite the influx of a body-positive wave, are still in trend, a lot of unscrupulous cosmetologists contribute to this process, convincing clients that they need a poker face. You will have to fork out for expensive procedures for freezing facial expressions, and the specialist will get a percentage of this.

But not everyone is ready to become a victim of aesthetic medicine. My oldest 60-year-old friend defends her right to “crow’s feet” from cosmetologists who are so eager to “get her hooked” on “beauty injections”. Of the procedures, she chooses only peels and moisturizing complexes, and she is proud of the wrinkles under her eyes, calling them nothing but “rays of goodness.”

Because he does not deny himself the pleasure of often smiling, laughing, winking at strangers he likes. Her crow’s feet give her friend a sexy feline squint, and she has a lot of young boy fans, despite her passport age.

But not everyone is able to accept the inevitable impending age-related changes with such optimism, and even make them their own chip. Most want to immediately wipe the “crow’s feet” from the face. Miracles do not happen, it will not be possible to completely eliminate the “rays of goodness”, but it is possible to minimize their manifestation at home.

Rinse off makeup gently

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As in general, you should not rub your eyes, so you need to carefully do make-up removal, because in the process you can easily stretch the skin, increasing the number of creases in the eye area.

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Use the right care products

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There are very few sebaceous glands in the area around the eyes, the skin does not self-moisturize well, and the protective layer is thin. Your task is to nourish the dermis with the help of care products and build up its armor. To do this, use products with hyaluronic acid, both low and high molecular weight (one works on the surface, the other in the deeper layers of the skin). Look for ceramides or niacinamides in the composition of products, these are substances that strengthen the skin frame. Choose products with Centella asiatica and caffeine. The duet removes swelling well, which can create additional creases around the eyes.

1. Concentrate for skin care around the eyes Total Eye Lift Clarins. 2. Elexir Botanique Yves Rocher eye contour care roller for anti-fatigue and radiance. 3. Eye Cream Eye Contour Cream GENOSYS. 4. Anti-aging cream-filler Pure Vitamin C La Roche-Posay.

Special attention should be paid to peptides. These are signal molecules that not only restore the skin, but stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin (create a framework on which the dermis rests). This group includes, for example, matrikines or matrixyl.

1. Fabric patches under the eyes “Moisturizing + Radiance of youth” Garnier. 2. Eye patches with collagen and vitamin C Super beezy. 3. Revitalizing eye and lip contour cream Pulanna. 4. Cream-care for the skin around the eyes Liftactiv Supreme VICHY.

Do not be afraid of silicones in cosmetics for the care of the area around the eyes. In this case, they create a protective moisture-retaining film, which is good, because the skin in the eye area dries quickly. You should also look for collagen in cosmetics. It works exclusively on the surface of the skin, slightly nourishing it and forming armor.

1. Mask-serum for the area around the eyes “Revitlift Filler” with hyaluronic acid and cooling effect L’Oreal Paris. 2. Cream for firming the skin around the eyes Orjena. 3. Gel from edema and bags under the eyes No More Baggage house call dr. brandt. 4. Natura Siberica Organic Certified Eye Fluid for Sensitive Skin.

Sleep on a comfortable pillow

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It has been proven that a pillow can stretch the skin, and an uncomfortable sleeping position interferes with the normal functioning of blood vessels, impairs the nutrition of the dermis. You need to choose a comfortable pillow, ideally orthopedic, it fixes the neck. It is better to sleep on your back, because when you wake up with your face in the pillow, you probably noticed, including in the area around the eyes, creases and swelling.

Do self-massage

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Massage stimulates blood circulation, nourishes cells, saturates them with oxygen. It is best to do a massage in the eye area using patches, using a gouache roller, using a cream mask. As we wrote here.


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