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Cupping massage is the most famous and simple way of vacuum therapy. The cans create a vacuum. Therefore, it is permissible and correct to call this massage both vacuum and cupping. Often the cupping massage procedure is compared with a trip to a beautician.

You can perform it anytime, anywhere, regardless of the possibilities, as all you need is a set of special cosmetic jars, a mirror and a jar slider.– He speaks Elekka Karkoukliinternational face fitness expert and author of the new beauty bestseller “Cupping self-massage: Instant lifting effect“(Publishing house”Bombora“).

Is it really possible to improve skin quality, complexion and generally look younger with the help of massage?

The fact is that our skin is firmly connected to the muscles of the face. This is clearly seen in facial expressions: when we smile, talk or frown, the skin at this moment moves along with the muscles. Thanks to this, we can train the muscles of our face, which will make the skin more toned and elastic. The dermis of the face is tightly connected to the muscle fibers by a network of capillaries.

With the help of physical activity and massage techniques, blood circulation is maintained, and our blood through the capillary network supplies the skin with essential nutrients. The absence of physical activity provokes the “hunger” of tissues, the smallest capillaries narrow, become inelastic, and nutrition slows down. The skin becomes dry, flabby and lifeless, wrinkles appear.

Tension in the muscles contributes to the pinching of nerve fibers and blood vessels, and tissues degrade even faster. Where the muscles are in strong tension, that is, in a compressed state, wrinkles also form much faster.

Vacuum cupping self-massage:

  • reduction of traces – post-acne;
  • skin cleansing;
  • restoration of the oval of the face;
  • reduction of the second chin;
  • reduction of nasolabial folds;
  • restoration of lip volume;
  • lymphatic drainage effect – removal of puffiness.

Photo: courtesy of Eksmo publishing house

The “lining” of muscles is reduced and the skin sags. Cupping self-massage and exercises prevent this degradation and slow down tissue atrophy. A decrease in the production of collagen, elastin, sebum and hormonal changes, of course, also lead to thinning of the skin, the appearance of dryness. Here we must think about nutrition and drinking regimen. However, everything should be in the complex. We must always contribute to the improvement of blood circulation and the resumption of the outflow of lymph from under the skin.

Collagen, which literally consists of the cytoplasm of cells, returns to normal, and the skin as a whole receives enough water, vitamins and minerals. With lymph, all toxins and processed products leave. Cells are renewed, and the skin looks young and radiant again. Looking at the results of many women, it is safe to say that the condition of the skin and its hydration are improving.

Elena Karkukli

Photo: courtesy of Eksmo publishing houseAleksey Nikishin

The effect of the home cupping self-massage procedure:

  • face lifting;
  • smoothing and lifting the forehead;
  • relaxation of the interbrow zone;
  • reduction of wrinkles on the forehead and bridge of the nose;
  • raising the temples (corners of the eyes);
  • relaxation of chewing muscles;
  • cheekbone modeling;

Are we stretching the skin?

Is massage dangerous for rosacea or closely spaced capillaries? In any such business, we can be a neat jeweler or a careless lumberjack. If you follow all the rules and recommendations and perform cupping self-massage jewelry, then it will be as effective and useful as possible.

There are several rules that I have described in great detail below, briefly the main ones:

  1. The use of special cosmetic jars with a glass adjacent surface.
  2. The use of a product that provides perfect glide and ease of guiding the jar throughout the entire massage procedure.
  3. Minimum degree of vacuum.
  4. Proper setting, maintenance and removal of the bank.

Starting to master cupping self-massage, you can do it in a course 3-4 times, every day or every other day. So you better remember the techniques and hone your skills.

Can cupping massage replace injections, and can they be combined?

I would say that an effective and understandable alternative. Injections work superficially, and they do not restore elasticity, shape, function and position of muscles, do not improve the condition of ligaments, connective tissue, do not help improve blood circulation and lymphatic microcirculation – remove excess fluid from facial tissues, etc.

Injections do not stop muscle degradation, and even if we are talking about Botox injections that act on muscles, they worsen microcirculation in the muscles, their nutrition and oxygen saturation even more. Under the term “Botox” you can combine all the existing injections designed to block the muscles.

You should know that injections do not improve blood pumping and lymphatic drainage processes in tissues. They do not change emotions, mood and facial expressions, and also do not make the neck longer, do not lower or straighten the shoulders, do not open the thoracic region, do not restore the angle of youth and do not remove the withers.

To be continued…

In the following article: Elek Karkukli – about all the intricacies of performing cupping self-massage


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