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DIY design is an idea that requires careful study. Before proceeding with the repair, you need to study the main rules and forget about those stereotypes that have long been outdated.

The ideal decor for an apartment can be bought at any specialized store. But, adhering to outdated views, many try not to “clutter up” the space with trifles.

Meanwhile accessories are an important part of the decor: they allow you to create a special atmosphere and make interesting accents. In addition, decorative elements help to combine interior details into a single harmonious ensemble. Of course, you should not overdo it with decor. Jewelry is selected taking into account the general style and color palette.

No one has canceled collecting yet. In modern interiors, for example, a collection of toy cars, decorated in a rack, will look original. The famous rapper Timati uses this technique, organically choosing Bearbrick brand products for the general style of the house.

Ideas about how the interior should look are constantly changing. In recent years, minimalism, versatility, practicality, environmental friendliness of materials have come to the fore.

Designers pay a lot of attention to issues of personal comfort. The interior becomes atypical, and the layouts become non-standard. With the help of original solutions, it is possible to improve the quality of life and emphasize the individual features of homeowners.

Do not forget that today’s traditional interiors are yesterday’s know-how and a completely new trend. It is quite possible that your interior, which will be made using new techniques, will become the very trend that will be called “classics” a little later. To do this, of course, you need to contact professional designers working through the prism of the future.

European-quality repairs, relevant in the early 2000s, were really expensive. Now the services of a designer have become more accessible, but many, out of habit, continue to believe that the lot of the majority is do-it-yourself repairs and furniture from the mass market.

Drawing up a design project helps to avoid many mistakes in repairs, as well as save a significant amount when choosing furniture and materials.

It is also worth considering the following point: a professional designer, first of all, sells the project, and not the implementation and furniture. In order to avoid financial misunderstandings, you should discuss the budget at the very beginning and give a clear idea to the designer about the finances planned for repairs. A professional in his field will be able to realize your fashionable idea, without going beyond the agreed estimate.

For a long time, when designing, specialists adhered to one style and color scheme. Now designers are trying to avoid template solutions. For example, combinations of several shades of color, a mixture of warm and cold colors, original combinations of finishing materials are relevant. Unusual and bold solutions help to give the interior a special charm.

Of course, when designing, you should adhere to certain rules. But original design techniques allow you to create a unique environment and emphasize your individual style.

Traditionally, a sofa and armchairs are located against the wall in the living room, on the contrary – a TV, against the side walls – a sideboard, shelving or a bookcase. In the bedroom there must be a bed with bedside tables on the sides, in the kitchen – a large dining table. Such solutions can be called boring and formulaic.

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In the bedroom, you can equip the workspace, combine the kitchen area with the living room, refuse partitions, interior doors. Furniture can be located both near the walls and in the center of the room. Any experiments that help achieve maximum comfort are welcome.

An experienced designer takes into account ergonomic standards in his projects, not paying attention to traditionalism and stereotypes, helps to arrange furniture in such a way that it is convenient and practical, and not “like everyone else”.


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