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Marketers have been imposing retinol products on us almost from adolescence: at 15 for acne, and from 25 for the prevention of wrinkles. Vitamin A in cosmetics is called the “holy grail” for the skin, they say that if you use it periodically in a course, then Botox will not be needed. And even if there are deep wrinkles and cheeks are outlined – retinol and only he can fix everything.

However, it is known that vitamin A is not as cute as it seems at first glance. Entering into a long-term relationship with the skin, he turns them into abusive ones. Namely, it makes the skin an ear, causes peeling, redness, and sometimes exacerbation of acne.

So does everyone need retinol, how to use it without consequences, and in what situations to abandon this component forever? Experts advise.

What is retinol and why does it matter to our skin

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Retinol, which has been elevated to the rank of a “superhero” for the skin, is actually contained in it originally. However, with age, its amount decreases, and then wrinkles, rashes and pigmentation make themselves felt. In the body, vitamin A is not synthesized automatically, so you have to get the right “dose” from the outside.

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In what forms can it be found in cosmetics

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You have probably seen marks on cosmetic jars in what form retinol is used (encapsulated or free) and what percentage of it is contained in the product. Encapsulated retinol is more active, as it is enclosed in a liposome capsule, which retains its properties and protects from external influences. As for the percentage, it all depends on the means. In home cosmetics, retinol can be 0.5 percent, and in a salon, say for peeling, already in the amount of 10 percent.

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Does everyone need retinol and when

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Retinol should not be used just for prevention. All experts are sure of this. If the skin is in good condition, that is, it does not have acne, pigmentation, and wrinkles, it is better not to use cosmetics with vitamin A. Retinol is an active ingredient that should only be used for visible problems.

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How to use retinol without consequences

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It is known that retinol quickly copes with the task, but while it works wonders, it can also do things. Many have heard about peeling, pimples and redness after applying cosmetics with vitamin A, and someone has experienced a negative impact. And only a small percentage of people will not have visible aggressive reactions to retinol. Troubles occur because vitamin A greatly dries and irritates the skin. Therefore, it is better to use such cosmetics according to a special scheme.

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There is an alternative to the “cautious use scheme”. That is, immediately give the skin a shock dose of retinol, but this is not for aesthetes.

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What can replace retinol

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If you can’t stand any kind of flaking, redness and breakouts, slowly building a relationship with the “abuser” retinol, the cosmetics industry offers alternatives. Vitamin C works in a similar way with retinol, though cosmetics with it also need to be selected in the right concentration. Different groups of peptides work according to the same scheme.

But marketers recognize bucachiol as the best alternative, they also actively promote cosmetics with this component. It is almost a salvation for those who have suffered from retinol, according to experts. Only bucachiol works with softer skin, and does not act as an aggressor.

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By the way, if you eat foods rich in retinol, you can also compensate for its lack in the body. So add greens and vegetables, animal foods (especially beef liver), fish oil, salmon fish, dairy products to the menu, be sure to eat the yolk.


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