In apartment buildings, as a rule, everything is in plain sight. Due to low sound insulation, personal life easily becomes the property of neighbors. But today there are ways to ensure privacy and silence in the apartment. The main thing with soundproofing, experts say, follow the technology.

It is worth taking care of the soundproofing of housing during repairsexperts say. Otherwise, the alteration of the apartment will have to be started again. But it is important to distinguish between insulation from noise and from sound. This will help to set a more precise task for the team of workers. So, with soundproofing, you will no longer hear how heavy objects fall on the floor at the neighbors from above, the door slams or children run. Soundproofing is able to “absorb” dog barking, loud screams and swearing, TV sounds. In the first case, you should
pay special attention to the ceiling and floor, as most of the noise “leaks” between floorsin the second – it is enough to get by with wall cladding.

best materialwhich are recommended by experts to absorb excess noise, are
fibreboard plus mineral or basalt wool. There are also special soundproof panels for the ceiling. Such material consists of two layers and has a density of 20 and above kilograms per cubic meter. It is especially important, say the builders, follow the installation technique. Otherwise, silence cannot be achieved.

A set of actions for soundproofing should be carried out after the completion of the cycle of so-called raw work, – putties, concreting and plastering. It is worth waiting at least a day, and preferably three days, until the humidity in the room returns to normal. The fact is that ceiling slabs should be fixed to vibrating hangers, and they lose their properties with excessive dampness. Another important point is that there are no cracks and gaps between the plates. All voids should be filled with soundproofing sealantRIA Novosti reports.

According to experts, the soundproofing effect will be many times higherif special work is carried out not only in one apartment, but also in neighboring ones.

For example, if you are strongly annoyed by the neighbors from the apartment above, you hear their stomp or screams, then you can oblige the owners to restore the floors and bring them in line with building codes and regulations. True, for this you will have to go to court. They will appoint a construction and technical expertise. After examining a too “noisy” apartment the specialist will write a conclusion and give recommendations for restoring the coating. Such conclusions, as a rule, become the basis for making court decisions.

Last summer in the country
increased demand for building materials, in connection with which experts observed a significant increase in prices. Including increased the cost of materials for heat and noise insulation. It was especially noticeable on the example of basalt, or stone wool,
– at the height of the construction season, experts noted there is a shortage of material on the market and it was recommended to use glass wool as an analogue.


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