Fragrances to help you travel the world

Now travel lovers periodically become depressed, because Europe has not fully opened its gates to those who suffer against the backdrop of a pandemic. Somewhere they do not recognize the Russian vaccine, but somewhere, regardless of whether there is a certificate, they are forced to observe the pictures upon arrival for at least two weeks. So, especially for those who do not consider themselves a patriot and do not like to travel around our homeland, perfume brands have developed fragrances with notes reminiscent of the atmosphere of European resorts. With them, you can travel to any country without crossing borders.

Perfume Allegra Riva Solare BVLGARI

Inhaling notes of citrus, osmanthus, neroli, musk and Calabrian bergamot, you will be transported to the Italian Riviera. Here on the coast there are salty splashes of the sea, bright sun and blooming gardens. The fragrance is very light, almost weightless, like a summer breeze, but at the same time energetic. And it opens up, just like the sun rises, gradually.

Aroma Un Jardin en Mediterranee Hermes

For those who choose not standard Turkey, but a journey through the mysterious Tunisia. The perfume outlines this oasis with notes of Mediterranean fruits, white oleander, cypress, fig leaves, musk, red cedar, juniper, pistachio.

The Marmalade Jo Malone London Limited Edition

Five perfumes and lines show mysterious England in different directions. Tangy Rhubarb with rhubarb, cedar and orange conveys the atmosphere of a wild garden. Rose Blush is like an English rose that has just woken up in drops of dew. Orange Peel with orange and rhubarb, like jam for a classic English breakfast. Elderflower Cordial is a bouquet of delicate powdery flowers with hints of gooseberry and hawthorn that someone plucked from the hedge while going on a date. Blackberry & Bay is like a fragrant tea for a classic five o’clock with hints of blackberry and fruit.

Journey Mary Kay fragrance

Describes the anticipation of a trip to sunny shores. The composition of mint, water lily, wild freesia, phlox, English peony, English rose, wormwood will take you mentally wherever you want.

Perfume “Radiance of Iris” VERONIQUE GABAI BRAND

Describes Antibes – the second largest city on the Cote d’Azur. This place has absorbed a mixture of French and Italian cultures. And what are the landscapes here, thanks to the proximity of the mountains, and the most beautiful beaches.

Perfume is also a mix of natural phenomena, feminine and masculine energy. This flavor is conveyed by notes of iris, moss, bergamot, mandarin, neroli.

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Zegna Mediterrenean Neroli fragrance

This is the Amalfi Coast almost in the flesh, where the beauty of virgin nature and civilization with its color are intertwined. The expressiveness of these places is conveyed by the composition of neroli, citrus fruits, wormwood, labdanum, amber, saffron.

Eau de Parfum Coeur d’Ylang Les Eaux De Voyage Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Allows you to escape from reality to a fabulous island, of course, mentally. The ylang-ylang flower grows here, which fascinates with its beauty, revealed in the environment of the Balinese frangipani.


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