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Due to the fact that the pro-age trend is actively gaining momentum in the West, the followers of which are in favor of looking good, and not younger than their age, many stars refuse injections and plastic surgery in favor of a natural look. However, looking younger is still a dream of many. And here, there is room for maneuver. Instead of a beautician and plastic surgeon, celebrities enlist the help of stylists.

So, visiting the hairdresser on the red carpet Margot Robbie

now they don’t know she looked like a student Jennifer Lopez after she was manipulated by her favorite hairdresser Chris Appleton, abandoned Botox in favor of olive oil and her cosmetic line, began to look at least forty and Larisa Dolinatrying on the trend of the season, and Monica Bellucci changed after her.

And to thank for such an effect of sudden rejuvenation is the French bangs. This is a real social trend. networks and among celebrities. What is the secret of this small detail from the 70s, why does it suit everyone, and how does it reduce the age in the passport?

What is french bangs

Photo: instagram*

Photo: instagram*

In the wake of the lockdown, this “lazy” bangs again headed the fashion lists. She became the main character Lily Collins in the series “Emily in Paris”, the second season of which is already in production, and every second star appears on the red carpet with French “charm”.

French bangs appeared not in lockdown and not yesterday, but in the 70s with the light hand of Bridget Bordeaux. No wonder the second name of this bang is “Bridget”. The actress, a lover of the “light negligence” style, asked the hairdresser to make her a straight bang with elongated strands on the sides framing her face.

She rarely went to correct her haircut, the bangs grew to the very eyelashes and then the star pushed her apart and curled on the sides on the curling iron. Now the underground name of this option is a bang-curtain or curtain.

The advantages of such bangs for hairdressers are obvious – framing strands correct facial features, thick straight bangs hide wrinkles and focus on the eyes, making the look more expressive. Visually, this option rejuvenates by 10 years.

Hairdressers note that women who constantly do French bangs gradually begin to refuse Botox injections and even change their minds about a surgical facelift.

What haircuts go with French bangs

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Photo: instagram*

French bangs are characterized by a frequent rhythm with strands framing the face. It can be long over the eyebrow or below. In the second case, it can be stacked in different ways.

Such a bang is combined with any long hair, but it is especially good with a bob or long strands cut like a cascade.

How to style french bangs

Photo: instagram*

Photo: instagram*

French bangs can be simply twisted with brushing and a hair dryer, additionally curl strands on the sides. And there is a laying option for the front exit.

To do this, apply a styling spray to damp hair, dry the bangs by about 75 percent. Next, stretch 90 degrees with a brush, dry, and then lift towards the back of the head – dry. Return the strands to the forehead, twist the brushing on the sides. You will get bangs slightly curled and raised. The option looks good, both against the background of curls and on straight hair. But it goes even better with high hairstyles, be it a ponytail or a bun.


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