French lips: how to get them at home without injections
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Parisian women in beauty history are often portrayed as the benchmark in makeup, styling, and even their lip shape has become the gold standard.

And it all started with Brigitte Bardot – an actress who in her youth looked like a fidget and at the same time a fatal beauty. She was the owner of plump lips (and she had her own), which made her a slightly offended child. Men saw in this a temptation and a bashful shyness that attracted them.

It was Bardo who set the fashion for lip augmentation, and the procedure itself was nicknamed “French lips”. Now there are many variations on this theme, but the gold standard is the Bardo variant. And getting the lips of a dream, like those of an actress, is quite possible without any injections, even if you have thin ones by nature.

plump lips fashion

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In an interview with one Russian TV channel on the topic of plastic surgery, the Polish actress Barbara Brylskawhich we all know as Nadia from the movie “The Irony of Fate”, admitted that in her youth she also succumbed to the fashion for injections: “I tried to do French lips, it was very painful, the result was not pleasing and did not cost so much effort, and I did nothing more I didn’t do it with myself.”

Plump lips have a wave fashion effect. In the zero “a la france” all the secular lionesses injected themselves. Then the lips were created not only with the help of hyaluronic acid, but also with silicones. The second option ended deplorably – a twisted mouth.

Bullhorn-style surgery was also popular, when the upper lip is lifted and fixed so that it is plump. If the ladies went for injections, then after they received not a seductive mouth, but a duck’s beak, because they asked the beautician to stab more.

Now this beauty hysteria has come to naught. Naturalness is in fashion, however, the fashion for plump lips has not sunk into oblivion. Just now, cosmetologists are asked to do everything carefully – so that the lips look natural, as if from nature.

But this does not mean that, including among media people, there are no fashion victims left. Let’s remember the last secular exits Zhanna Aguzarova with swollen face and lips. In the West, the actress became the victims of “under-French” lips Meg Ryan, Lara Flynn Boyleto the same group can be attributed Kylie Jenner with unnaturally large lips, Lisa Rinna.

Recently, celebrities and non-media girls who want to have plump lips, but look natural, prefer makeup injections. You can always erase it, and if you wish, use a make-up to get lips of any color and shape.

French Lip Makeup

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The role model of such makeup can be called Jennifer Lopez. This woman takes care of herself, does anti-aging procedures very precisely, and therefore did not become their victim. At 50, she looks 45. And her lips, which are naturally thin, she does not stab, but paints with the so-called plumper effect (volume) for concerts and social events, and she does it herself without the help of makeup artists. You can compare the result before and after in the photo, because Lopez does not hesitate to post “nude” selfies on social networks, that is, without a make-up.

Take care of your lips

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Be sure to nourish and moisturize your lips at night. With age, they lose valuable collagen and the contour becomes blurred. Choose hygienic lipsticks or creams specifically for eyes and lips with collagen, moisturizing ingredients (especially hyaluronic acid). It will not be superfluous to get cream-plumpers for the lips. They are specifically aimed at restoring the natural volume of the lips. And they do this not at the expense of menthol, but with the help of special complexes, like peptide ones, which improve blood circulation, giving a slight natural swelling and restoring the clarity of the contours of the lips.

Do peeling

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To achieve the effect, once or twice a week do peeling, for this, use special scrubs or scrub masks designed specifically for lips. By exfoliating dead skin cells, you stimulate blood circulation and nourishment of the lips, restoring their natural volume.

Use the right tools

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In order to emphasize the lips, Brigitte Bardot used a contour pencil and matte lipstick. We do not recommend choosing a lipstick in this texture. The matte base makes the lips flat and, on the contrary, eats up the volume. Choose lipsticks with a satiny, slightly shimmery finish and moisturizing ingredients.

1. 3D lip cream Plumpfix No more needles dr.brandt. 2. Glitter VOLUMIZING LIP BOOSTER CATRICE. 3. Lip gloss Perle de la Mer Vivienne Sabo. 4. Lip gloss Tango Ninelle.

1. Intense lipstick “Fruit nectar” L’Occitane. 2. Rose a levres lip balm from the Rose Hermes line. 3. Lipstick 3INA. 4. Lipstick W7 Velvet Luxe. 5. Anti-gravity Mua Makeup Academy Liquid Matte Lipstick.

You’ll also need a lip liner two shades darker, just not the brown brow pencil recommended on social media, reviving the style of the 90s. Otherwise, you will get not sensual, but dirty lips, as if you were a child and sloppily ate chocolate. In addition, you will need a lip gloss, you can neutral or lipstick color. All this arsenal is used by J. Lo to turn his thin lips into sensual ones.

Do makeup according to the scheme

Photo: social network

Photo: social network

To begin with, apply a base in the form of hygienic lipstick to the lips (by the way, it is better to do lip peeling the night before day X). Blot the layer with a tissue, then apply a pencil, starting from the edges of the lips. To make it even, do not keep your lips closed, on the contrary, relax a little and slightly open your mouth. Then apply lipstick and lip gloss in the center. You can, if you like the style of the 90s, apply gloss on the lips entirely.


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