Garter stockings: how to wear?

  • How to choose stockings with garters

  • How to properly put on a garter belt and underpants

  • How to properly put on a garter belt

  • How to wear stockings with a belt and garters

If you have ever worn stockings in everyday life, then you are familiar with the situation, how often they can slip at the wrong moment. In this article we will tell you how to wear women’s stockings.

In the 1920s, garter belts for stockings appeared, thanks to which it is no longer necessary to tighten constantly slipping stockings. Now belts serve as an additional element of underwear decoration for romantic pleasures. And few people dare to use stockings with suspenders in everyday life. But we will dispel your doubts and show you how easy and convenient it is to wear garter belts.

  • To get started, choose the right belt size that fits your measurements. If you are in doubt about which size to choose, then give preference to belts that are adjustable;

  • Opt for wide belts, they are much more comfortable for everyday wear;

  • When choosing a belt, pay attention to the fasteners. It is better that they are metal, since plastic ones are weaker and break faster;

  • Straps should be elastic to make it easier for you to move;


  • It is better to choose belts with six straps or more;

  • Thick straps will fix the stockings more securely;

  • The fabric at the waist should be satin or cotton for greater comfort.

Probably, many thought about the question of what to wear on top: panties or a garter belt. There are two alternative opinions.

One of them is practical: you put on underpants over the waist so that you can remove panties if necessary, without having to unfasten the suspenders for stockings.

The second option is more classic, when the belt is worn over panties to create visual beauty.

It should also be noted that usually thong or tango shorts are chosen under the belt. And the color of the panties is better to choose the color of the belt.

For many women, after the first unsuccessful experience when putting on a garter belt, there is no desire to use it in the future. Therefore, so that you do not have such problems, we have prepared instructions for you on how to properly put on a garter belt.


  • First, comfortably position the belt at the waist;

  • Fasten the belt with hooks;

  • Then put on one stocking to the desired level and secure it with a fastener;

  • Repeat the same with the second stocking;

  • Choose a comfortable tension of the straps with the help of the regulator;

  • At the end, make sure that the stockings and fasteners are located equally on both legs.


Stockings with suspenders can stand out under clothing. Therefore, it is usually best to wear stockings with a belt with things made of dense materials, structured fabrics, or under loose-fitting dresses. For example, you can wear stockings under a wool dress or tight trousers.

Short skirts and shorts are best avoided. For an image with stockings, a mid-length skirt is perfect.

As you can see, stockings with a belt are easy, comfortable and beautiful to use in everyday looks.


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