Hair tonic: how to revive hair color and shine
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  • How to dye your hair with a hair tonic at home?

  • How often can I use hair tonic?

Hair tonic, unlike paint, does not contain an oxidizing agent, and does not have an aggressive effect on the hair. This is a cosmetic product that can give a light (or bright) shade to the hair without changing its structure.

Often the composition includes herbs, vitamins and caring ingredients, so using a tonic is even useful, and the hair looks shiny and well-groomed, like after a beauty salon.

The most common type of hair tonic is purple: it is recommended for blondes to get rid of yellowness. It is on light hair that the effect will be most noticeable. A purple tonic is often used on gray hair, if a woman for some reason does not want to dye it.

However, today colorists recommend using purple tonics for brown-haired and brunette women in order to avoid the unpleasant reddish and reddish tint of hair that occurs after using paints – especially from the mass market.

For brunettes, to emphasize the depth of color, brighter tonics are suitable – cherry, dark brown, chestnut, black, walnut, chocolate – which act more actively and color the curls brighter.

There is one important note – tinting agents cannot be used on hair that has been bleached or permed. In these cases, they can acquire a completely unexpected shade and color unevenly. This rule, in principle, applies to any coloring procedures.

It is very easy. You will need plastic gloves, a towel and a plastic sparse comb. Hair should be washed with shampoo beforehand, but do not use a mask or conditioner.

Apply tonic to damp, clean hair along the entire length and comb through with a comb. So that the product does not glass on the forehead and ears and does not stain the skin, you can smear these areas with a fat cream. Modern brands produce hair tonics not only in the form of liquids, but also in the form of foams and balms. This is very convenient: the hair is treated at the same time, and such products do not flow at all when used.

So, tonic staining lasts 20-30 minutes, then the hair should be washed with warm water. If you want a natural, light shade, you can shorten the exposure time, or simply add tonic to your shampoo, balm or mask for daily care.

Since the product does not harm the hair, you can do the procedure often. Once a week, a month, with every hair wash – each girl chooses for herself.

Tonics differ in durability. Some tinted shampoos and balms last up to one to two weeks, but there are also persistent tonics that leave color on the hair for up to five to six weeks.

Hair tonic: how to revive hair color and shine
Photo: 123RF/legion-media.ru

Established tonic brands include L’Or?al Professionnel, Schwarzkopf, Wella, Londa, Kapus, Estel and other professional brands. Their cost differs: from a high one of several thousand rubles to a quite budget one within 500 rubles. All of them are quite resistant, evenly color the strands, have a wide palette of shades and a pronounced caring effect.

Among Russian manufacturers, the most popular tint hair tonic is Tonika. The product has a low price and a large selection of shades, including exotic ones: blue, pink, green, purple. The result of toning will completely satisfy you, even if you just rinse your hair with it.

Purple and blue “Tonic” are perfect for blondes to eliminate yellowness, but you need to use the product carefully: the balm is very concentrated, and the shade can turn out to be very bright. But it can be added to regular shampoo, balm and mask. The brand is sold in almost any supermarket, convenience store or cosmetics store.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the ashy hair tonic, which is also used to eliminate unwanted yellow tones in blondes. You also need to use it with care: if you have highlighted strands, they can turn purple or purple.

As for color tonics, pink, lilac, blue, green, blue and other extreme shades should be applied only to light, bleached or bleached hair – then their palette will appear in all its glory. On dark curls, they will be barely noticeable.

It is worth noting that “Tonic” is a very persistent tonic. It will not be possible to quickly wash off the “Tonic” from the hair; for complete elimination, at least 8-10 head washing procedures are needed. It is better to color the test strand in advance in order to evaluate the result and avoid mistakes.


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