Hairstyle, like this Hollywood star will rejuvenate by 10 years
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They say the devil is in the details. Sometimes even the smallest detail can make all the difference. This also applies to the image. It is enough to add a small element to the hairstyle – and now you have already become 5-10 years younger. And you don’t have to go for a lift. Hairdressers can be put on the same level as surgeons, because the quality of haircuts and coloring, in the end, depends on how we will look and even for how many years.

Accurately before the ceremony “Oscar-2021” went to the stylist
Margot Robbie. The actress was often accused of looking much older in her 30s. It is not known what is the reason – the type or the hot Australian sun, under the rays of which she grew up, but the star really looks older than her age in her passport by 5 years. with a low tail, strands were released from the face. These details made the image softer, focused on the eyes and turned back the clock for the actress. Now she looks 20 years old.

How rejuvenates bangs-curtain

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For the first time, a bang-curtain was made by Brigitte Bardot in the 60s. They cut a frequent bang along the eyebrow, and as it, growing, approaches the eyes, it is moved apart on the sides, like curtains. Therefore, the “nickname” of the curtain bangs, which was also called Bridget’s bangs, was fixed in history.

Periodically, she returns to fashion. This season, curtain bangs have become the star of the fall-winter 2021 shows. Its advantage is that such a bang focuses on the eyes, hides wrinkles and makes facial features softer and more feminine. Plus, it fits any hair structure, such bangs can also be styled in different ways – to one side, curl, make a cook out of it.

To achieve a rejuvenating effect, as in the case of Margot, the bangs should be straight, frequent and along the eyebrow. Stylists warn: if you have oily skin, you need to use dry shampoo with such bangs, otherwise in the evening or even in the middle of the day, absorbing sebum from your forehead, your hair will look like icicles.

Beauticians, in turn, also warn owners of oily skin. With frequent bangs, inflammation on the forehead can occur due to the greenhouse effect. Therefore, it is better to push it apart on the sides, in the manner of Brigitte Bardot.

How to rejuvenate strands in the face

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Strands near the face, which in the American manner stylists began to call tenderils (“antennae.” – Approx. ed.), were popular in the early 90s. Then they were decorated with different hairstyles – from tails to buns.

Now this detail of the hairstyle is back again, including on the catwalks. Actually, from the shows, she again hit the fashion charts. Using Margo as an example, stylists show how tendrils can transform a face. If you let out, like the actress, thick strands, they will help to make facial features softer, hide wrinkles and even emerging cheeks. Thin strands, on the contrary, will sharpen the features.

Photo: instagram*

Photo: instagram*

Tendrils look good with low and high hairstyles. If you look at the image of Margot, then a simple low ponytail and strands near the face could turn into a fashionable hairstyle for going out on the red carpet.


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