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Hardware cosmetology is a modern direction, the range of possibilities of which covers almost all problems that may arise with the face – from aesthetic skin imperfections (post-acne, scars, pigmentation, spider veins, enlarged pores, wrinkles) to pronounced age-related changes (gravitational ptosis, changes in facial contours). , loss of skin turgor, deep wrinkles, fleas).

Today, hardware methods of body shaping and local fat deposits are gaining more and more popularity. In terms of their effect, hardware techniques are comparable to plastic surgery, but at the same time they do not have such risks and complications that may accompany surgical intervention, and do not require such a long recovery. We asked our expert, a dermatovenereologist and cosmetologist, researcher at the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology
Elena Khlystova
— talk about the most effective and modern hardware procedures.

Advantages of hardware methods:

  • painless and safe procedures;
  • a short rehabilitation period with no visible traces of the procedure;
  • efficiency, compared with conventional cosmetology, due to a deeper effect on the dermis and deeper anatomical structures;
  • the minimum number of procedures to achieve a pronounced and lasting result.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW: in the second half of spring and summer, during a period of strong solar activity, hardware procedures are not recommended due to the high risk of pigmentation. Also, you should not do them in the fall-winter on the eve of a trip to warm, exotic countries, where there is eternal summer. After the procedure, at least 2-3 weeks should pass, and on vacation you will definitely have to protect the skin with cosmetics with a high photoprotection factor.

Photorejuvenation of the face

This method of correction of age-related and pathological changes in the skin is based on the action of the light flux on all layers of the skin. A stream of light effectively stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin fibers. With the help of phototherapy, you can eliminate many skin defects, even out its relief, eliminate wrinkles and tighten the oval of the face. Also today, this technique is widely used to remove age spots and correct vascular pathologies of the skin.

Improvements are visible after 3-4 procedures, the skin becomes well-groomed, fresh and healthy. The photorejuvenation program significantly improves the elasticity and turgor of the skin, helps to maintain a pronounced lifting effect. Also, modern developments of phototherapy protocols allow for effective treatment of acne and rosacea (a chronic disease of the facial skin, which is characterized by redness, expansion of small and superficial vessels of the facial skin, the formation of papules, pustules and edema; rosacea is a fairly common problem in women after 40 years).

Elena Khlystova

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Laser facial rejuvenation

This method is based on the selectivity of laser absorption by various structures of the epidermis, each of which absorbs pulses of a certain range of the spectrum. When laser beams are absorbed, light energy is transformed into heat energy in areas of epidermal tissues, and this leads to regeneration processes. Depending on the temperature and penetration depth of the high-precision beam, the cosmetologist can work on certain imperfections and skin problems, for example, deep skin resurfacing can be done to even out acne scars and smooth wrinkles.

The principle of fractional rejuvenation (the most non-traumatic laser method of skin rejuvenation) is based on the impact of a divided laser beam, which acts on the skin in such a way that active regeneration processes are triggered. Fractional skin rejuvenation allows you to effectively deal with both age-related changes and cicatricial ones.

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Laser rejuvenation is used for a variety of skin defects: post-acne, pigmentation, superficial and median wrinkles, enlarged pores, vascular changes, skin with signs of photoaging and loss of turgor. The course of laser rejuvenation usually consists of 4-6 or more sessions with a four-week interval. The maximum effect occurs within three months. The rehabilitation period may be accompanied by skin redness, slight swelling and peeling, which disappear within 3-7 days.

Radio wave facial skin lifting

A technique based on the effect of radio frequency energy in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. RF pulses passing through tissues cause heating of tissue structures up to 65 °C, in particular, collagen and elastin, which are of a protein nature. The electric field and elevated temperature stimulate collagen remodeling and activate the production of new fibers that form the frame of the face.

The advantage of this method is a quick, effective and safe solution to many age-related skin problems without a rehabilitation period. The pronounced effect of lifting at the same time remains for a long time – up to three years.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting

SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System) is a muscular-aponeurotic layer consisting of elastin and collagen fibers covering the mimic muscles of our face. It is this muscular frame that ensures the clarity of the contours of the oval of the face. With age, the function of SMAS deteriorates – collagen fibers are destroyed and the so-called “gravitational ptosis” occurs. Everyone knows how it manifests itself on the face: the contour of the face oval begins to lose its clarity, creep, excess skin appears in the form of “bulldog cheeks” in the nasolabial region “wrinkles of the puppet” lie down, the tissues sink, especially the corners of the lips, which freeze in the sad “smile of Pierrot”. These age-related changes cannot be eliminated by acting only at the level of the dermis (skin), a deeper effect is needed here.

The ability to influence the deep structures of the face with the help of ultrasonic lifting has become a kind of breakthrough in cosmetology (the penetration depth of an ultrasonic pulse during the procedure is 5 mm, while other methods act at a depth of only 1.5 mm).

The technique consists in a three-level focal effect of ultrasonic waves on the muscles and muscle fascia of the face. During the procedure, the device uses intense ultrasonic pulses that create thermocoagulation zones in the subcutaneous fat layer, dermis and SMAS to model the contours of the face. In terms of its effectiveness, this lifting is comparable to an operating facelift.

After this procedure, the rejuvenating effect lasts up to 3-5 years, and the lifting of the soft tissues of the face is visible after just one procedure. The oval of the face is immediately restored, the cheeks and corners of the lips rise, the upper eyelid and eyebrows are lifted.


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