Heeled nails and other Korean manicure trends that will be popular this fall
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Once again, Korean nail stylists confirm the old Russian saying that the new is the well-forgotten old. They first resurrected the feng shui manicure trend, with just one personal twist.

And now they bring us back to the beginning of 2016, then to 1990. By launching the time machine, Korean nail artists are actually taking the most interesting trends from the past that you can try now.

heel nails

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In 2016, face and hair contouring trends are on the wave. Nail masters also decided to keep up and came up with the so-called contouring manicure.

Its essence was as follows: on a light background, draw a thick strip in the middle on all nails. The effect was not long in coming, the nails visually became much longer. This design was created for those who can hardly grow their nails, but really want cat claws, while opposing any extension.

The Koreans, without further ado, offer us to try the same thing, and not even in profile, but exactly the same. They just call the trend “nails on heels”, and not contouring manicure. Hype in 2021 rules the ball. The vertical stripe in the middle of the nail reminds Korean masters of a heel, on which, as if they put a nail. It is recommended to draw a dark stripe on a light background not on everyone, but only on two fingers.

diamond nails

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Nail stylists from South Korea burn on Tik Tok. Social the networks were flooded with videos where, in front of the public, they recreate a manicure with jewelry trim. After the nails resemble precious stones, or rather diamonds.

Of course, this is a manifesto for a new product – one of the local brands has released a special varnish that creates such a coating on the nails. But in social networks have already suggested not to hunt for a special tool. Diamond nails are suggested to be created in the old fashioned way with the help of a base, finely chopped foil and a glossy top.

marble nails

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Continuing the theme of stones, this time not from jewelry. Korean masters say that the so-called marble nails will look especially good in the fall. The design should imitate marble in various shades.

Cuticle Jewelry

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Korean masters considered that the moon (the base of the nail, from where the cuticle is removed) is already very deprived of attention, although it seems that they completely forgot about the moon manicure. Therefore, it is recommended to decorate the moon line with varnish in a metallic shade, preferably gold, copper or silver.

Moreover, the background should be a transparent or nude varnish. The fact that this can also be called a moon manicure is not known to Korean masters.

Half nails

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At the beginning of 2019, lollipop-style manicures were in fashion. The task was as follows, to highlight two or one nail in a manicure with two varnishes vertically at once, as if they divide the nails into two halves. Now the Koreans are recommending the rug manicure, as they call this new old trend for fall.

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Tattoos on nails

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In the 90s, in the absence of a developed nail industry, we were offered to do the design ourselves at home. Those who knew how, drew patterns with a toothpick using varnish, while amateurs used decals.

Korean nail artists refer us to this trend in 2021, although they recommend using special ready-made nail designs, which marketers have called nail tattoos. Transfer to the nail and fix with a top is simple, and the design is ready.


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