How and in what to celebrate the New Year 2022
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  • In what colors to celebrate the New Year 2022 and in what clothes?

  • What clothes to meet the new year 2022?

  • How can a woman celebrate the New Year 2022 in order to please the Water Tiger?

  • What is the best clothing model for celebrating the New Year 2022?

  • How to celebrate the New Year 2022 for men?

They say how you celebrate the New Year is how you spend it. If you prepare for the holiday properly, and meet it fully armed – beautiful and elegant, then it is quite possible that the year will be just as bright for impressions and joyful events.

This question becomes relevant at the beginning of winter, more than ever. To reveal the topic, let’s turn to the Eastern calendar, according to which the Black (Blue) Water Tiger will be the symbol of 2022.

Astrologers advise to celebrate the New Year calmly and quietly, in a narrow circle. Gather the closest people on New Year’s Eve, because the tiger is a mysterious creature, likes to hide and does not like to be in sight and avoids too large companies. The symbol of the year will definitely appreciate your decision and give you success and prosperity.

Dressing up properly for the main night of the year is very important. The main vector is naturalness. Tiger warns: please, no frills, intense colors and frilly decor.

Only elegant restraint, conciseness, pure colors and shades, free silhouettes that provide freedom of movement or emphasize the advantages of your figure. It is these fashion guidelines that will be relevant on the festive night of 2022.

Let’s define a color palette. The best choice of shades – turquoise, deep blue, black, sky blue, sand, brown, dark green, silver and gold, which will definitely appeal to the Tiger. He will also really like it if you wear something silver, with sequins, or decorate your outfit with some bright details.

Let’s not forget about leopard, animal and striped prints, which will look great on laconic dresses, jackets and accessories. But it is better to exclude bright neon shades – the Tiger avoids flashes of color.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of materials: the symbol of the year prefers natural fabrics and does not favor synthetics. Therefore, cotton, natural silk, wool, viscose and cashmere are ideal for the New Year’s outfit 2022.

They say that those who can please the symbol of the year in shades of clothes on New Year’s Eve will be accompanied by financial and love luck all year.

Fashion trends point to timeless classics: evening and cocktail dresses with draperies, slits, asymmetrical cut, lace. The trend from the nineties has also returned – frills that can decorate the neckline and hem of the dress, skirt, sleeves.

The classics of the evening and New Year’s genre – a little black dress in the style of Chanel – have not been canceled either. Well, if at the meeting of 2022 it will be unusual – with an asymmetrical cut, deconstruction, designer decor.

How and in what to celebrate the New Year 2022
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In addition to the dress, overalls will be an excellent choice for a woman. In this case, there is no need to combine the “top” and “bottom”, a blouse or top with trousers – everything is already selected and assembled in one product.

Prefer loose-fitting models with wide trousers if you have a curvaceous figure, and narrow ones if you can show off a chiseled silhouette.

A silk jumpsuit is a great choice for New Year’s Eve 2022, but on one condition: if your figure is flawless, and cellulite does not show through the thin fabric on your hips.

How and in what to celebrate the New Year 2022
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As for colors, it is best to remember the classics: brown, ash, gray, black, dark blue, graphite, olive, cocoa, white, sand, khaki.

True gentlemen may prefer a suit or even a tuxedo, if the dress code prescribes it: the owner of the Tiger year will definitely appreciate this style.

But in a suit to celebrate, you see, is not very convenient. A man can choose a white or light-colored shirt that can be combined with trousers or even jeans. The main thing is to be comfortable and easy.

In the year of the Black (Blue) Tiger, girls can choose metallic shades of shoes and patent leather. In this case, the clothes should be rather restrained – remember that the Tiger does not like decorative excesses.

The main thing is not to meet the holiday in slippers, even if it is a home evening. This will destroy any image, and at the same time the festive mood.


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