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Renovation is known to be stressful because it disrupts the usual rhythm of life and comfort. Psychologist Galina Yanko shared with our readers tips on how to avoid unnecessary stress and survive repairs without nervous breakdowns.

Get clear on your budget

Budget problems are perhaps one of the most common complaints during renovations and the main cause of quarrels between couples. The budget will determine your entire experience during the renovation, so being clear about this is essential. How much savings do you have and will you use other funds (such as credit cards)? There is nothing more frustrating during a renovation than watching your money run out faster than it should. Setting a budget and creating a reserve fund will help you stay calm when other repair-related issues arise.

Don’t get hung up on the little things

It’s easy to get hung up on the details when creating your dream home. How will you like your kitchen if you don’t find the perfect paint color? But nitpicking every detail can be one of the biggest stressors of a home renovation. Choose your top three repair requirements, and then be flexible with everything else.

Leave yourself free time

When repairs are taking up so much of your time and money, it’s easy to let them fill your entire life. Who can think about dating when the kitchen is in ruins? But breaking down repairs can help you put the stress of costs, materials, and contractors behind you when you’re spending time with your family.

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Use vacation time

If you or your spouse is lucky enough to have a vacation, now is the time to take advantage of it. Of course, after the renovation, you may really need a beach or a pool, but it may also happen that you do not want to leave the updated house. Whether it’s overseeing the installation of cabinets or brushing, repairs will be less stressful if you can do it during daylight hours. Trying to make time for wallpapering after a day at the office drains your energy and leaves no room for rest. You don’t have to use your entire vacation, but setting aside a few hours or days can greatly reduce the stress associated with renovations.

Work Together

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s easier to just work alone and get things done. But renovations can be a great time to reunite with your family if you’re willing to slow down a bit. Pick a project that is simple and fairly unimportant—like painting a wall or painting a small space—and get the whole family involved. Not only will you create memories and strengthen the bond with your home, but you will also save money.

Stay flexible

There is no perfect renovation. There will be material mix-ups and timing issues along the way. Accepting this fact from day one will help you stay flexible and not get overly stressed. Tight deadlines and unrealistic expectations will only cause anxiety. Make sure your repair has many contingencies, from tight deadlines to spare parts selection.


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