How to apply blush so as not to look like Marfushenka-darling
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Our metro is like a catwalk, where not only outfits are shown, but also make-up trends adapted to the local environment. Very often I see how girls overdo it with eyebrow makeup, creating threads that were fashionable in the 90s, then huge fat eyebrows, like Frida Kahlo.

The second most popular in the “this is too much” section is blush. Very often, girls choose the wrong shade. A special place in the hearts is occupied by brick tones, with the help of which beautiful ladies try not only to draw a blush, but also to contour their faces.

As a result, wielding a brush, they do not edit the appearance for the better, but create the effect of dirty spots or even pigmentation on the face.

The application scheme is a separate conversation, for some the spots spread from the cheeks to the eyebrows, for others it is as if spots “appear” on the cheek.

All these efforts lead to the fact that the face looks 5-10 years older than the “source” without makeup. How to do a make-up with blush in order to look younger and not become like the heroine of the movie “Frost” Marfushenka-Darling, in this material.

Don’t smile

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Previously, among makeup artists, the following scheme was considered correct: to distribute blush, you need to smile, then the apples of your cheeks will be visible, and then apply the product.

But now in this technique they found a lot of minuses. When the face returns to the “neutral position” after application, the blush “slides” under the cheekbones. Thus, the effect of ptosis is created, the cheeks seem to sag, “thanks to” the makeup.

To apply blush on apples, it is better not to smile. Distribute them just below the cheeks, shading towards the temple. Thus, you visually raise the oval.

Do not contour with blush

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In 2016, catwalk makeup artists brought into fashion a popular make-up from shows called “draping”. This is a way to contour the face with a classic pink blush. For a while, this type of contouring even became a trend, but quickly got bored. Since then, it has been periodically revived.

But makeup artists with aesthetic taste are against it. This makeup is best left to the phantoms of Marie Antoinette. Draping creates the effect of an inflamed face, and in the case of very fair skin, it turns a girl into a clown or a geisha.

With the help of red or brick shades of blush, contouring the face is also not recommended. As mentioned above, dirty spots are guaranteed. It is better to sculpt the face with the help of special palettes, consisting of powders of different shades in intensity.

Choose your blush by texture

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It is very important to choose a blush according to the texture, for this you need to focus on your skin type. For oily, powdery with a satin finish is suitable. For dry – cream. Oily skin also does not interfere with cream blush, however, it is better that they be with a matting effect.

Such textures make it possible to vary the degree of intensity of the shade, whether you apply blush with your finger or with a sponge.

Decide on a shade of blush

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To choose the right shade of blush that suits you, you need to focus on your skin tone.

For fair skin – soft pink, coral

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Two of the most natural shades that will flatter the “snow whites”. You can choose a blush with a glow effect. They will create a shimmer that, like Photoshop, minimizes skin imperfections.

For golden and beige skin

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Caramel looks very interesting on golden skin. By the way, with its help it is allowed to make contouring. If you add lipstick and shadows to match the blush, you get an interesting nude make-up. One of the most rejuvenating options.

By the way, golden skin is also flattered by fruit tones, such as dark pink or apricot.

For olive skin

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Shades of “delicate peach” or “pink” will suit those who have just returned from warmer climes.

For all skin tones

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Light peach and apricot shades are considered universal. Such blush is suitable for any color type, they visually make the skin warmer, and this rejuvenates.


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