How to break in shoes?

  • How to break in faux leather shoes?

    • hot way

    • The newspaper method

    • Method with funds

  • The best ways to break in leather shoes

    • Shoe stretcher

    • Boiling water method

    • package method

  • How to break in fabric shoes?

    • The freezer method

    • Wet sock

  • How to break in patent leather shoes?

    • goose fat

    • Warm towel

  • How to break in sneakers?

    • Leather

    • From fabric

    • Faux leather

Trying on a pair of shoes in a store usually does not take more than 10 minutes. Is it possible to understand in such a short time whether the shoes sit well on the foot? Of course not! Soft and comfortable shoes in the store can seem like a real torture tool while walking. Here they can press, and there they can rub … However, it is not at all necessary to take the pair you like back to the store or leave it to gather dust in the closet until better times. It doesn’t take much effort to break in shoes that rub at home, and the result will please you very much. You just need to choose the appropriate stretching method for this material and follow the instructions clearly.

Leatherette – the material is quite practical and quite popular with shoe manufacturers. However, artificial leather needs its own approach, because it does not withstand high temperatures and various care formulations or its stretching. To break in leatherette shoes, follow these simple tips.

You will need a hair dryer, socks and a little patience. Gently heat the shoes with a hair dryer (do not overdo it, otherwise the shoes can be thrown away). When the material becomes soft and pliable, put on thick socks, put on shoes and wear them in until cool.

Take a lot of newspapers and a plastic bag. Put the bag in your shoe. This is necessary in order not to stain the shoes inside. Wet the newspapers and wring out thoroughly, stuff them tightly with shoes and leave them overnight.


The boot must be rubbed with paraffin or alcohol (there is not much difference). Then put on a thick toe and break it in. You can repeat the procedure until the shoe is just right.

It usually takes a lot of effort to break in shoes that rub. However, natural leather lends itself quite well to all sorts of influences, so it can be stretched easily and quickly. However, it is very important not to spoil the expensive and beautiful material.

In shoe stores, in addition to standard shoe care products, you can often find a special stretcher for shoes. It is sold in the form of a spray, which must be sprayed inside the boot, then put on shoes and wear in for about half an hour.

Genuine leather shoes can be easily stretched under the influence of high temperatures. Boil a pot of water, dip your shoes in it for just a couple of seconds, and then immediately put on thick socks. Break in your shoes until the leather is completely cool.

This method is also based on the fact that natural leather easily changes under the influence of temperatures. To stretch your shoes in length, moisten the toes of your boots with warm (or even hot) water, wrap your feet in a plastic bag or shoe covers. It takes at least half an hour to break in.

Elegant textile shoes with an unusual pattern attract attention, but they can hardly give pleasure to the hostess, they always rub calluses. To prevent new shoes from rubbing corns, you can make a difference in shoes at home.

We all know from elementary school physics that water expands when it freezes. It’s time to put this knowledge into practice. To stretch the shoes, take two strong and whole bags of dense polyethylene, place them inside the shoes and pour water. The edges of the bags remaining outside are tied in a knot, and the shoes are placed in the freezer overnight. To remove the ice from your shoes, wait until it melts a little.

He can also help break in shoes. Shoes made of fabric should be moistened with water or vinegar, put on a wet sock and worn in until completely dry. If you do not have so much time, then a regular hair dryer will quickly help to break in shoes. Dry your shoes right on your feet. Do not remove them until they are completely dry, otherwise nothing will save them.


To break patent leather shoes that are tight at home, you can use the already mentioned methods: a freezer, warm water, a hair dryer, a wet sock … But there is also something original here.

It makes the material more elastic and softer, which allows you to stretch the shoes in length and width. This will especially help those who are looking for how to make sure that the shoes do not rub the back of the heel. Shoes should be washed from dust and greased inside and out with goose fat. Fat should be absorbed, and residues are removed with alcohol or water.

This is a more gentle method than a hair dryer or boiling water. It is necessary to moisten a cloth or towel in hot water, wring out thoroughly and wrap the shoes. Then put the bag in a plastic bag, removing all excess air. Leave the shoes in the bag for 8-10 hours. Then put them on a sock and break them in at home.


Breaking in sneakers that are tight is very easy at home. Stock up on time, patience and follow simple tips. Keep in mind that shoe stretch options depend on what material your sneakers are made from. We have already described all the methods above, so find the section you are interested in and start wearing it.

Leather sneakers can be stretched in length or width with boiling water.

Sneakers made of fabric will easily increase in volume under the influence of ice and wet socks.

Faux leather sneakers wear out quickly after being stretched with wet newspapers.

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