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Buying a suburban home in recent years is gaining more and more popularity. This is dictated by the desire to take a break from the bustle of the city, as well as to have your own big house and equip it and the surrounding area. There are many offers on the market, but how to make the right choice? What to pay attention to? And when is the best time to make a choice?

I would recommend buying a house in the winter. Cold weather is the best way to help you understand if the house is properly insulated. How the windows are made, do they let air in from the street, are there any gaps from which it bleeds through, and so on.

The next thing to pay attention to is engineering equipment. It must be of high quality and well-known companies that have established themselves in the market. So, for example, cheap boiler houses are a clear sign that very soon you will have to change everything, and this is a rather costly issue.

One more point – insolation. This is a test of how the sun shines inside each room. I have often witnessed the neglect of this point, in view of which the best room was in the shade. The windows in the house should be located so that sunlight enters all rooms, and even at a convenient time (not in the very heat). So, if you like to go to bed and get up late, you need the sun to enter the room in the evening, and if you are a lark, then it is important that the sun enters the room in the morning. This is a very important aspect for the quality of your life.

It is important to consider whether the house has a room where there will be a washing machine, ironing board, cabinets, etc. If there is no separate place for this, then you will have to steal the useful area of ​​u200bu200bthe living room, kitchen or your room, and since this is a country house, then there should be enough space for all needs.

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Another important aspect is availability of parking space on site. Better to have at least two. It is a big plus if there is also a place around, because if guests arrive, they will not have to leave the car on the street or look for a special parking place.

It is important to pay attention to Decoration Materials. Often, behind a beautiful picture, low-quality building materials are actually hidden. The house can be covered with siding, and under it – old rotten boards. Or a house made of timber, and inside – all systems are the cheapest.

The audit cabinet must be signed and understandable. In the event of a breakdown or failure of the system, you should quickly lower the comb, and not spend hours figuring out what is responsible for what.

Light fixtures in the house need good qualitysince reinstalling them will cost you a pretty penny.


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