Every woman has her own opinion about what the ideal breast should be. This definition is very subjective and is based mainly on one’s own aspirations and expectations. When a woman decides to have plastic surgery, there is always a picture of “how it should be” in her head. In order for this picture to coincide with reality, you need to know a few small secrets.

Our expert is a plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences, full member of the Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons Dmitry Saratovtsev – tells how to choose breast implants and not miscalculate.

Finding an implant with the right characteristics is not an easy task. But nothing is impossible. So, five life hacks, thanks to which you will definitely not go wrong with the choice.

Life hack #1: Only choose an implant manufacturer from among those that give a lifetime warranty on it

The first thing to do is to choose the manufacturer of the implant. To date, there are about ten companies on the Russian market with which surgeons work. Of these, five main ones can be distinguished. The question arises: how to choose a good company and not run into scammers?

  • The manufacturing company must be registered and licensed not only in Russia, but also in other countries;
  • implants must have a lifetime warranty;
  • for each implant, the company is obliged to provide a certificate of conformity and a warranty program.

Each surgeon works with certain companies and is guided by his own experience.

Life hack #2: Choose the latest generation of ergonomically shaped implants

According to their shape, breast implants are:

  • anatomical;
  • round;
  • ergonomics.

Let’s take a closer look at the latter. To date, implants have appeared that repeat the shape of an anatomical implant in a standing position, and round in a lying position. The anatomical shape of the implant is mainly suitable for patients with normal breasts, without ptosis, with normal integumentary tissue.

Round implants are usually placed on girls who have a request to improve the upper pole of the breast. Thanks to the round implant, the upper part of the chest looks quite voluminous. Ergonomics implants are suitable for almost all patients.

life hack #3: Pay special attention to the volume of the implant together with the doctor

The volume of the implant is selected using certain measurements that the surgeon takes during the consultation. You need to understand that each patient corresponds to a certain “run-up” of implant sizes – from minimum to maximum. All this is determined by the surgeon at the consultation and corresponds to certain parameters of the patient.

life hack #4: Separately discuss the question of what texture the implant is offered by the doctor and why

Today, most surgeons tend to install either microtextured implants or smooth ones. Although compared to previous years, the fashion for smooth implants is gradually disappearing. Textured implants have a stronger grip on the surrounding tissues. With repeated operations, there are indications for the installation of polyurethane foam implants.

life hack #5: The profile of the implant is selected depending on the physiology and wishes of the woman

There are implants of different profiles:

  • low profile implants;
  • medium profile implants;
  • high profile implants;
  • high profile implants.

Depending on the manufacturer, the profile of implants may vary. The choice of implant profile primarily depends on the volume of tissues that need to be corrected with the implant, and on what size you need to get after the operation.

For example, a patient with a wide chest is more suitable for low-profile implants. Women with narrow chests and breast prolapse are recommended to have high-profile implants. If the patient dreams of a large bust size, then it is better to choose ultra-high profile implants.

It must be understood that it is almost impossible to choose implants on your own. The best way is to choose the manufacturer, shape, profile together with the surgeon at the consultation.


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