How to choose cleansers for your skin type
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What is more important composition or texture, how not to get lost in such a variety of cosmetic novelties? Now oils are recommended to wash oily skin, and gels are offered for dry skin. And what should we, modest buyers, who are used to other classic schemes, do? Experts answer: you need to focus on the type of skin, and the rest is secondary. But even here everything is not so clear.

For oily skin

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Oily skin is famous for having more sebaceous glands than any other type around the perimeter. The pores actively secrete fat, which mixes with surface impurities and make-up, by the end of the day covers the surface with a dense shell. That is why owners of oily skin should not skip cleansing rituals, including in the morning. In the evening, you cleanse the skin from the above mix, and in the morning from sebum, which, mixed with keratinized scales, covers the dermis with a film during the night. If you skip cleansing procedures, you can easily get acne.

Now for oily skin, there are no restrictions on the texture of cleansers. You can do this even with a special oil for washing, if it has the right composition.

1. S+ Summe Cosmetics cleansing mousse. 2. Cleansing scrub Green Grape Frudia. 3. Momo Puri BCL cleanser. 4. Gentle Clarins deep cleanser. 5. DermoPure Eucerin Cleansing Gel for Problematic Skin.

In the cleanser, look for tea tree oil, almond oil, they do not clog pores, moisturize and cleanse the skin. AHAs and BHAs work well on the cleaning front. Among them are fruit, salicylic, almond, milk, glycolic.

Why does our skin need acids?

For dry skin

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Dry skin can be very sensitive and moody. Slightly, that not on it, redness and peeling can not be avoided. Therefore, the cleanser should be with active moisturizing ingredients and substances that can leave behind an additional moisturizing layer.

1. Foam for washing Essential comfort zone. 2. Soap-free cleansing mousse Sebiar Clear SVR. 3. Soap for washing Foamie. 4. Herbalife Skin Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel. 5. Delicate coconut foam for washing Rich Coconut Eveline Cosmetics.

For example, lanolin, such a component can often be found in baby creams, but it is also found in dry skin care products. It will not be superfluous that hyaluronic acid and aloe vera act for the company with him. It is best that the cleansing products are free of fragrances and surfactants.

For mature skin

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With age, the skin loses its tone, because less collagen and elastin are produced in the cells. Means for cleansing should be chosen with a stimulating cell renewal action and a rejuvenating effect.

1. Cleansing mousse from the updated Vinoclean Caudalie line. 2. Balancing Cleanser Clean Biotic dr. brandt. 3. Foam for washing Be Loved. 4. ANSALIGY Hydrating Cleansing Gel. 5. Enzymatic washing gel Ilona Lunden.

But do not look for this mark on the package, pay attention to the composition. The cleanser should contain retinol or retinoids or vitamin C (it is better not to combine these components together), B5, E, glycolic acid. They increase the production of collagen and elastin, cleanse the skin surface well, prevent the appearance of keratosis (after all, the skin surface is less cleared of dead cells with age).

Makeup removers

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This item stands apart because not all products can wash off makeup, and the point here is not even in the skin of the face, but in the eye area.

“The fact is that not all products are intended for removing makeup and washing the eyes, and if these products come into contact with the eyes, a negative reaction can occur,” says Olga Manikhina, Ansaligy expert, specialist in injections, hardware and thread technologies, dermatologist, cosmetologist , dermato-oncologist.

Therefore, clean your eyes from makeup separately from the skin of your face. To do this, you can use special micellar gels for washing. By the way, they should also be used if the skin has become sensitive. Or remove the make-up beforehand using a special tool, such as rose water, milk, micellar liquid.


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