Now many are tormented, where and in what style to celebrate the coming year of the water blue tiger. The Italian brand Kiko Milano offers an interesting solution: be inspired by the plots of fairy tales. The classics are full of Russian fairy tales. Here you have a huge choice – from the Swan Princess to the Mistress of the Copper Mountain.

You can also be inspired by images from the latest Hollywood fairy tale or fantasy films, in particular Cruella or Harvey Quinn. The theme party will be remembered as well as Halloween, so take note of the idea.

The new collection of the Holiday Fable brand has everything to embody any, even the most fantastic image. To begin, prep your skin for makeup application with a glitter face mask, hydrating gel, and primer serum.

Then refine the face with foundation with a radiant formula. Add shine with a highlighter or a double-ended stick, apply to the protruding points of the face (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow).

There is a problem and the face shines – set aside the highlighter, and work out the relief with matting powder. Then add creamy long-lasting blush to the apples of your cheeks. Texture allows you to vary the intensity. And start doing eye makeup.

In eye makeup, a field for experimentation opens up. Depending on the image, choose metallic shadows with a velvety finish, palettes to match the color of the eyes. Do not forget to draw graphic arrows fashionable this season with a pencil or a brighter marker. And add expressiveness to the look with the help of mascara that gives volume.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose bright matte lipstick, creamy pencil lipstick or lipstick with sparkling glitter in your lip makeup (after all, the 90s are in fashion).

If you prefer shellac at home manicure in the collection you will find a palette of varnishes with a gel polish effect and a top coat with sparkles.

The creators of the New Year’s collection did not forget about gifts either. In order not to go far, here you will find various sets – from lipsticks to shower products. Sets on sale from December 9th.


By Yara

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