How to determine your type: find out what your appearance is
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  • How to determine the type of appearance of a girl according to David Kibby?

  • How to determine the type of face

  • How to determine your type of appearance

  • Psychotype type

Kibby is a stylist from New York. He wrote the book “Metamorphoses” about what classifications of female types are. The main thing on which it is based is on the principle of Yin-Yang, that is, the male and female principles.

So, there are several types of women.

  1. Dramatic. These are masculine women. They are generally tall and drawn with narrow shoulders, thin bones and sharp features. They have a masculine element. For example, among them: Marlene Dietrich, Madonna, Milla Jovovich and Keira Knightley.
  2. Romantic. Here the feminine principle is clearly manifested. These are round women, with a clear oval of the face and cheeks, plump lips, a small nose and large eyes. It: Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson, Britney Spears and Emma Stone.
  3. Natural. Something in between the first two types. These are women who are built symmetrically and with a straight silhouette. They are usually short, and the figure is quite athletic. Here from the stars it is: Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Claudia Schiffer.
  4. Classical. They are women of medium height with dotted features. The emphasis is on the cheekbones, and they also have expressive mouths and eyes. For example, Grace Kelly, Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron and Catherine Deneuve.
  5. Gamin. These are teenage girls. They have small faces and bright eyes. In addition, they have a teenage physique. For example, Vanessa Paradis, Audrey Tautou and Winona Ryder.

Here we are talking about the color type. For example, there are girls with dark skin and dark hair. This is a bright contrasting type. But women with pale skin and blond hair are a non-contrasting type.

There is also light brown and blond hair with pronounced facial features – this is a neutral type. Take Jennifer Aniston, for example.

How to determine your type: find out what your appearance is
Photo: 123RF/legion-media.ru

Of course, there is also a division according to the figure. The main ones are “Triangle”, “Inverted Triangle”, “Fitted”, “Rectangular”.

And one more of the most important points is the type according to the psychotype. This is the logic by which a person acts.

  1. A person who generates ideas and unites everyone around him.
  2. A person who gives his ideas to another.
  3. The person who asks questions.
  4. A person who tries to impose his opinion.

According to David Kibby, all this adds up to one picture and helps the girl create her own style. In addition, knowing your personality type, a person is able to understand how to dress and emphasize his positive features.


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