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Experts say blow-drying your hair too often is unhealthy. High temperatures draw valuable moisture out of the strands, followed by keratin. This is especially true for those who do not like to use thermal protection. Therefore, if possible, trichologists recommend drying your hair in the air, that is, without a hair dryer.

But how to shape your hair in this situation? Here are some hacks for drying without a hair dryer.

Wash your hair with moisturizers

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Nourishing hair with hyaluronic acid, keratin, collagen, plant extracts and oils from root to tip, you will avoid static.

Use microfiber

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It is this fabric that absorbs moisture well, while not stretching the hair and does not break it. Ready-made microfiber hair turbans are sold in stores. Tie a towel around your head after washing. Dry your hair 70 percent. It is enough to walk in a turban for half an hour.

Styling with volume

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Wet hair is plastic. To shape them, apply a primer, serum or hair oil along the length to avoid the appearance of static, and mousse on the roots for volume, then shake the strands at the roots, and comb gently along the length with a comb.

Curly styling

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To create curls without the help of thermal devices, apply mousse from roots to ends, then either braid into small pigtails, or twist the strands into bundles at the roots, securing with small elastic bands or hairpins. Dissolve after half an hour, fix with varnish.

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Curly hair styling

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To structure curls, gently wring out hair after washing. Follow with leave-in conditioner, followed by hair smoothing and shine products. And just let it dry “in free flight”.


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