How to equip a summer cottage: 5 tips for landscape design

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Holidays in the country can be pleasant not only for the soul, but also for the eyes – especially if you think at the beginning of the season how to make the site more interesting. Together with Yandex Market, we have collected for you 6 ideas for arranging the landscape and creating a personal place of power in the country.

Gabion: fence, flower bed, fireplace

Gabion is a mesh (usually metal) frame, which is filled with stones or fragments of tiles. Designers actively use it for edging flower beds, borders, ponds, forming decorative walls and fences to separate zones on the site. Due to the fact that the frame, as well as the filling, can be of any shape, the gabion becomes a simple and durable decoration of your site, and you can install it at any time – you won’t have to radically redo the site.

Flower beds: multi-tiered and vertical

If you won’t surprise anyone with flowers in the country, then the design of flower beds is a zone of unlimited imagination. In addition, multi-level flower beds allow you to plant more flowers in a limited area and create a bright accent on the site. Designers advise comparing the size of the composition with the dimensions of the site – it is better to place several small flower beds on a small one. And also consider the size of the plants themselves – plants with large leaves and buds are usually located on the lower tier, and the higher the flowers, the smaller they should be.

With the help of interesting figures for the site, you can emphasize natural details – reservoirs, interesting tree roots or stumps, so they should be used in moderation as an accent. It will be difficult to surprise the neighbors with traditional ceramic and plaster gnomes, but options made of artificial stone and grass, stylish metal or LED figures will help to greatly transform the landscape. In addition, you can install a weather vane on summer cottages – it will make your house recognizable.

Reservoirs: ponds and fountains

Reservoirs in the summer cottage not only improve the microclimate of the territory, but also contribute to an increase in humidity, which is very useful in most regions. Installing a pond or fountain will not require much effort – modern designs will only require you to choose a location, away from trees and plants that do not need additional watering. By the way, a reservoir can become a kind of center of the site, from which paths will diverge in different directions. Yandex Market has a large number of bases for ponds and fountains of any size – and you can order them at any time even after the start of the season.

Many people forget about rest in the country – and so much so that they don’t even set aside a special place for it. But in vain. A hammock can be stretched between strong trees or racks, a hanging chair can be placed on the veranda or in the garden, a bench (it can be painted in any color) – in front of the house or near the pond. Choose products from waterproof or quick-drying materials, take into account the weight and age of users. A hammock for children should be placed near the house, and a resting place for adults, on the contrary, can be hidden from strangers by bushes or high flower beds.

Holidays outside the city are a great opportunity to temporarily disconnect from everyday life and replenish strength. And if you periodically update the landscape, then the cottage will never bore you. All products from the selection can be ordered with delivery on Yandex Market, a marketplace with a huge range of products in the category “Cottage and Garden”. Delivery by courier and self-delivery is possible within a day after placing the order, and express delivery occurs within a couple of hours after the order (in the cities of presence).


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